Advanced Smoke-screening

In a world where you have a President who has an administration in which nearly everyone is connected in some way or form with Russia, but many Congressional Republicans don’t see any reason to investigate, the surest way to instantly cause keen interest in an investigation is to charge the former Obama administration with something (no evidence of wrongdoing required):
Susan Rice

I believe this is called Fiddling While Rome Burns.

Even better because you can be sure the media will make a big deal out of it too!  Winning!

Yes there is a lot of serious questioning of the administration’s motives (see link), but not nearly enough.  Fact is nobody should be covering the Rice story with any level of seriousness.  Anybody who does…well, let’s just inquire as to why they would want to be in the company of Fox News and the right-wing radio screamers.  The backstory on that might be interesting, even if the story itself is not.

For anyone who does not get it, here’s the whole situation in a nutshell: Russia story = serious business, serious investigation, serious journalism, all because of widespread corruption and possible treason.  Anyone getting all fluffy and upset about who is “leaking” info about the Russia story (and using “leaking” as an excuse not to seriously cover the Russia story because the leaking is more important than the possible treason) = lapdog.  Got it?

Wake up and get serious, buttholes in Congress and the media.

BTW. the Russia angle on this GOP corruption story may be relatively new, but look what I wrote way back in 2008.  The corruption itself is not new.  In fact, it’s been going on long enough that the Russians probably looked at it…and at Trump…and saw a golden opportunity.  Which is how we got where we are now.