In the Foreseeable future

Before this blog ends up on some snotty little right-wingish “fake news” list*, which will then be quoted like scripture by the terminally lazy who will not even bother to use Google or their own common sense, I thought I’d once again clarify the following:
this blog has never been a news source.  it is an opinion blog only.

I’d also like to add that in the foreseeable future, the purpose of this blog will be altered slightly.  I will attempt to pull together all the accurate information I can on the Trump-Russia scandal, and put it here, all in one convenient place.  Reason?  It’s because there is so much coming at all of us every day during this scandal that it’s almost impossible to keep track of it if you are also trying to live your life.  Since I have no life at present, I’ll try to do that for you.

That said, I can’t guarantee anything except that I will try to keep my sources above-board, and also I can’t claim that I can make sense of all of this story without a security clearance (which I certainly do not have, and not having any relatives in the Trump family, probably cannot get).  I am also not a journalist.

Please keep all this in mind while you are reading.  I hope to be of some help to you in sorting all of this out, that’s all.  Peace.  And resist.

*It was noted, right after “fake news” became an issue the day after the election, that many, many lists of “fake news sites” suddenly popped up all over the Internet, and most of the “fake news sites” seen on a majority of those lists seemed to be left- or center-leaning news sites and blogs.  The reason turned out to be that many (not all) of those lists were compiled by right wingers who had swallowed too much Russian-style Breitbartish kool-aid.

8/4/18 update
As noted in some of the more recent posts, I have given up trying to explain or clarify every new bombshell that explodes.  If you want my overview of what all this is about, please read this post that I wrote in April.  Much of it is turning out to be true.

Any other posts from now on will be only on non-bombshell subjects.  It isn’t worth it to cover each and every new scandal or outrage; it’s just exhausting.  Worse, most of them are the essence of “fake news;” they are nothing more than distractions.

I do promise to hold a big party once this is all over, however.


The Pit Bull’s New Clothes

Just reblogging something I wrote in 2008. Read it and see if you can guess why.

Fact is, this Republican election-tampering crap has been happening for a long time. The Russians apparently caught on to that, and helped them out in 2016.

Civilization Rant

The Republicans seem to be finding out the truth of Abraham Lincoln’s sage remark, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

But the impact of their party’s waning influence has yet to hit home in some of the thicker Republican skulls. I’m talking about the large minority who are well and truly snookered by McCain/Palin and their desperate diversionary tactics.

Try as they might to disguise and deny it, truth keeps resurfacing almost every day in various ways. The latest and funniest was the fluffy-bunny revelation that Ms. Palin got an expensive new wardrobe and makeover after her nomination. The media suddenly noticed this — at least some of them did — and to defend itself, the McCain campaign is claiming that this fuss about…

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A little good news, maybe

An ethics complaint brought by citizen groups has apparently temporarily driven Devin Nunes out of the Trump-Russia investigation (but not off the House Intelligence Committee).  Great news to wake up to.

The bad news is who may replace him (if it is necessary for the committee to have a majority chair in this situation, which I don’t know).  Since apparently Paul Ryan makes that choice, and has Trey Gowdy among others to choose from…well, that’s just downright scary.

The thought occurs that both Ryan and McConnell need to have citizen ethics complaints brought against them.  Perhaps it will make them think as clearly as Rep. Nunes apparently did for a moment this morning.

Cenk Ungar explains even more of everything for you

The Young Turks was clicking on all four cylinders today: Meeting in Seychelles  This video explains a story I kind of skirted over the other day, simply because I didn’t know what to think of it except that it possibly explains part of the reason we ended up with the massively unqualified Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary (the other part of that story is, of course, Congressional corruption and collusion, but we’ll leave that for later).

And then there’s this little gem: Carter Page


Bannon removed from the NSC

Interesting.  I wonder if Trump has decided that (slightly) distancing himself from Bannon will help take the spotlight off of the Russia story (if so, he’s wrong):


It also could be that the apparently straight-arrow McMaster is taking control, at least within his sphere of influence.  If McMaster is what he appears to be, let’s hope so.

Update: Maybe McMaster is not taking control, after all; clueless Rick Perry just got named to replace Bannon in the NSC.  Take out snake, bring in retarded lapdog.  Why Trump didn’t pick his good buddy O’Reilly for the post has yet to be answered.

Twitter has it that there are several angles on this story, and most of them come from those “RogueWhiteHouse” accounts.  They’re interesting, but I won’t say much about them except that one says that he smells, the other one says that Pence and Preibus are responsible, and a third says that Trump is being “neutered,” which only leads me to worry that he will be allowed to stay in office as some sort of figurehead while others run the show.  No.  They all must go.  But I never worry much about what these people tweet, anyway; too much of it comes to nothing, and no one knows who they are to begin with.

The most credible guess, from Dave Bernstein, is that “something is about to drop on Bannon,” and that’s why he was tossed out of the NSC.  The other theory, from several sources, is that Kushner had Bannon deposed and would like him gone altogether.

All this gives me a picture of a president who has completely and absolutely lost control over his own staff, and can only shout “you’re fired” at various intervals to escape falling into the abyss himself.  Only thing is, that can’t work forever.