Bannon removed from the NSC

Interesting.  I wonder if Trump has decided that (slightly) distancing himself from Bannon will help take the spotlight off of the Russia story (if so, he’s wrong):


It also could be that the apparently straight-arrow McMaster is taking control, at least within his sphere of influence.  If McMaster is what he appears to be, let’s hope so.

Update: Maybe McMaster is not taking control, after all; clueless Rick Perry just got named to replace Bannon in the NSC.  Take out snake, bring in retarded lapdog.  Why Trump didn’t pick his good buddy O’Reilly for the post has yet to be answered.

Twitter has it that there are several angles on this story, and most of them come from those “RogueWhiteHouse” accounts.  They’re interesting, but I won’t say much about them except that one says that he smells, the other one says that Pence and Preibus are responsible, and a third says that Trump is being “neutered,” which only leads me to worry that he will be allowed to stay in office as some sort of figurehead while others run the show.  No.  They all must go.  But I never worry much about what these people tweet, anyway; too much of it comes to nothing, and no one knows who they are to begin with.

The most credible guess, from Dave Bernstein, is that “something is about to drop on Bannon,” and that’s why he was tossed out of the NSC.  The other theory, from several sources, is that Kushner had Bannon deposed and would like him gone altogether.

All this gives me a picture of a president who has completely and absolutely lost control over his own staff, and can only shout “you’re fired” at various intervals to escape falling into the abyss himself.  Only thing is, that can’t work forever.

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