Of Putin, Assad, and Trump

In attacking Syria, Trump may be trying to deflect attention from the Trump-Russia investigations and/or make it appear that he and Putin are not hand in hand and because of that, the investigations are “fake.”  He also may be trying to get his abysmal approval rating up.  However, while it may work for about 48 hours, the truth will come out.  It’s already bubbling under the surface:

Palmer Report

Let’s just hope the mainstream media doesn’t elect to play cheerleader for Trump.

Meantime, McConnell has ruined the Supreme Court for at least 30 years by having the “nuclear option” approved by a lapdog Senate tonight.  What Merrick Garland, who McConnell blocked by not even holding hearings on his nomination, must be feeling is anyone’s guess.  It’s robbery.  And it’s anything but ethical.

I hinted earlier this evening that it may be time for ethics complaints to be filed against McConnell and Ryan.  Now I think it’s past time.  McConnell has allowed a treasonous president to select (and have approved) a poisonous candidate for the Supreme Court, while he refused to even allow a hearing for Obama’s choice because “Obama was in the last year of his presidency.”  Well, Hoss, Trump is in the last year of his presidency too, and he’s a traitor to boot.  What’s the difference?  Oh, Trump is white and he’s Republican.  And because McConnell blocked release of information about the early stages of the Trump-Russia investigation, his wife got a post in Trump’s cabinet.  I get it.  Ethics complaint, anyone?

As for Ryan…well I posted about him earlier.  Enough already.

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