Carter Page Re-post

Big news about Carter Page (briefly a foreign policy advisor to Trump during the campaign) released yesterday was that he is the subject of a FISA warrant, and that that warrant has been renewed a few times.  I’d like to stress that FISA warrants are not handed out like candy.  They’re also top secret.  If someone leaked this info, it means that they had a solid reason to do so; it wasn’t a frivolous move.  It was more like a warning.

Because there is nothing for me to add I’d like to re-post a link to a Young Turks video that I posted here last week:  Carter Page.  Honestly, it’s all right there.  And it was out in public last week.  Yesterday’s revelation about the FISA warrant is just the frosting on the cake (you gotta admit that it’s some major frosting, though).

BTW I notice that there is some buzz on Twitter about a second FISA warrant floating around out there, and the subject is yet another member, or ex-member, of the Trump campaign team (or at least someone in Trump’s circle).

Meantime I notice the Republicans are again trying to make an issue of Susan Rice doing her job.  I suggest that every time you hear that, bring up Carter Page.  In fact, no matter what the distraction is, bring up Carter Page.