It must be contagious

Big news on Twitter this morning is that at least three foreign intel agencies have released to the U.S. incriminating information about at least one of Trump’s kids.  As one of the kids who are likely candidates (three of his five kids are), is Eric Trump, and one of the intel services is Qatar, I’m guessing…but I’m just guessing.  He’s been in the general region doing business, that’s all.

Hopefully we should find out shortly.  I’m getting tired of that feeling that I’m about to sneeze, and then I don’t.

It now seems like the IC is looking to get at Trump through his family.  In just the past week or so we’ve had the bit with his son-in-law, and now this news.  And goodness knows there been mutterings about dear precious Princess Ivanka all along, followed by the usual bluff and bluster from her supporters: “she’s a mom!”


If one or more of the elder Trump kids might be headed for the slammer, this means that outsiders like Manafort, Flynn and Giuliani are in for a really bad time, all alone with no immunity and no Daddy Trump to bomb some hapless country for them and cause a nice, big distraction.  Brings a smile to one’s face, doesn’t it.

And it’s also downright funny how it all seems to line up with the downfall of Bannon.  That could be mere coincidence; however, remember what I said about that subject: which coincidence is this?  We have so many.

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