Rumors and offline snark

Someone snarked at me offline that I’m so behind the times that I haven’t mentioned Paul Manafort apparently being paid millions by a Trump company or companies to go away quietly once his Russia cover was blown and he had to leave the Trump campaign, (and of course later Trump tried to deny he knew Manafort at all and there was no pushback from Manafort).  Reason: I don’t care.

They also mentioned that I said little about Syria and nothing at all (today) about the MOAB in Afghanistan.  Reason: outside of the fact that there were innocent people living in the area that was bombed, I don’t care.

And then there is the business of a freedom-of-information request being answered by the DOJ admitting…well, read it for yourself:Image may contain: text

Why haven’t I mentioned this?  Because actually Clinton won the election in spite of all this tampering, gerrymandering, voter suppression and intimidation, and Russian collusion.  She won.  And at this moment I don’t care.  That’s not to say that I won’t once Russiagate is wrapped up in history, but right now it’s just one thing too many to ponder.

Why don’t I care?  Because these are distractions.  The only real story here centers on what’s being called the “three ring circus:”  Trump, his inner circle plus his administration, and Russia.

Which brings us to the big rumor of the evening.  Mind you I am putting as much weight on this as last week’s…or was it the week before…anyway that rumor about Trump resigning.

Here’s the rumor: major arrests are coming as early as next week.  Okay, since some minor arrests have already happened, maybe that’s true.  And I’m interested enough that I’m repeating it.

In a way it seems more likely than Trump resigning; right now he seems to think he can bomb his way into keeping his presidency alive.  Before this he was trying to tweet his way into the same result.  Oh hell, he’s still trying.

And as for impeachment…that again?  What is true is that Trump is clearly out of control, (he’s even talking about closing the White House!).  But it’s also true that Congress is equally out of control, and they are completely enjoying it.

Of course, Congress really doesn’t need Trump anymore, since they got out of him what they really wanted: stealing a Supreme Court seat from the Democrats.  So if they’re seriously pushed, maybe they’ll consider it next year or something.  Meantime they’re having too much of a grand time killing off women’s healthcare and Medicare and Social Security while Trump loudly makes an ass of himself over and over, causing such deafening cacophony that they can gleefully go about their dirty work virtually unnoticed.  What fun!

I still don’t know what the end will be for Trump and his merry band of marauders.  I guess I’m just desperate enough at this point that I’ll repeat the rumor that may be behind his recent “lookee here!” bombing raids: major arrests may be coming next week.

Major arrests may be coming next week.  Repeat.  Breathe deeply.  Repeat.

P.S.  Maybe this will be one of those major arrests: Guiliani

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