Okay, “UNCLE.”

Patribotics explains this whole mess better in one article than I could in an entire blog.  Can’t say I didn’t try, though.

This article (by Louise Mensch) folds Louise’s Cambridge fascination into the mix, something I couldn’t quite do before.  But I stand by my conclusion that while it’s the major weapon, it is not the entire crime; the big picture also includes Trump’s mafia connections, foreign debt, business corruption, and the longstanding, deep corruption of the Republican party that made it possible to place something like Trump in the Oval Office.

This story goes back decades, not merely a few years.  In fact it seems to have started in the late 1960’s, when Nixon violated the Logan Act prior to being elected president (and then Reagan did it again in the late 1970’s).  Alongside this came the rise of the religious right and its pet red herring, the abortion issue* (which it created — honestly, sometime in the 1970’s there was a wingnut evangelist meeting where they almost literally picked abortion out of a hat to be their pet issue).

In the late 1970’s the two (the Republicans and the religious wingnuts) meshed and led us into the debacle we have now.  The Russians were Johnny-come-lately’s to the party, not that this absolves them of anything.  It does not.  But they looked at the longstanding situation in the Republican party and decided that the U.S. government was a sitting duck.  And so off they went on their merry round of hacking.

Update: Louise says now that Carter Page may have shared with the Russians “tape” (?? who uses tape anymore) of Donald Trump offering to lift sanctions against Russia in exchange for Russian hacking to help him win the election; that’s treason, folks — but remember, violations of the Logan Act or outright treason had gotten at least 2 previous Republican presidential candidates elected.

If this leaves you a bit depressed, always remember that in spite of all the Russian bots and trolls and fake news and hacking, Trump didn’t actually win.  He was pushed into office by not only dirty tricks, but gaming the system.  As I mentioned above, that capability wasn’t created in a matter of months.  This has been going on for a long, long time.

Anyway, read on:

*The modern “religious right” got its start in public life with the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, by the way.  Good ol’ boy southern evangelists wanted no part of racial equality.  But back in those days, that view was so unpopular that they decided to pick on the growing women’s rights movement — and abortion — instead.  To this day it’s a much easier target.

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