Who to believe (Twitter wars)

For those who don’t follow Trump-Russia on Twitter, there seems to be a sort of war going on between Louise Mensch and Seth Abramson/the editors of Buzzfeed/whoever right now.  And it’s getting nasty.

What distresses me is that these are all people on our side — anti-Trump/Russia, and they are fighting with each other.  This distresses me because I’ve gotten scoops and tips from all of them.

That said, I have a few things to add (and I hope I don’t end up in the middle of a Twitter tirade because of it, but being that this blog is not widely read, I rather doubt that would happen).

The thing is that I don’t particularly like Mensch as a person or as a writer, and I don’t consider her to be a particularly effective prognosticator as far as Russiagate is concerned.

Her writing is so garbled that too often I can’t tell what the hell she is talking about (at least that’s true on Twitter; in her blog her writing is ponderous).  As a person…well, I don’t know her.  But I’ve met people like her who have huge heaps of arrogance overlaying deep insecurity.  No she isn’t always right; in fact, she’s been wrong more than she’s been right, and I don’t know why she’s considered such a guru by the Resistance.  But you’ll never hear her admit to being wrong.  Hell no.

That said, I have written an entire post about her blog and do have a sort of lingering hope that even 30% of what she says may prove true someday.  Right now she isn’t even meeting that percentage, however.

And then there’s Seth Abramson, who I can’t tell from the lengthy list of other Resistance denizens of Twitter.  (A lone standout is Tea Pain.)  But I do have more in common with him than I have with Mensch, as he rarely says anything new or startling, but instead comments on commonly-known information.

Right now he is tying Mensch’s reputation into frayed knots by rehashing old information about drug use and mental illness, etc.  It’s ugly.  I don’t know why he’s feeling the need to drag her that badly.  She’s shouting that it’s misogyny, and of course after what happened to Hillary Clinton (about whom much was said that wasn’t even remotely true, but was accepted as gospel), that is arguably the case even though much of what he’s saying about Mensch apparently is true.

But we’ve seen it before; Mensch isn’t being allowed to control her own image.  I maintain this because Abramson has yet to tell us why he is bringing all of this up in relation to Mensch’s role in Resistance tweeting.  All he needs to prove her wrong is look at what she’s posted that hasn’t come true, but nooooo…we have to go for the character assassination; something no woman but the vapid Sarah Palin has ever recovered from (and in Palin’s case, it’s only because she and her worshipers are incredibly stupid).

Anyway, it’s ugly.  While I have blasted the mercurial Senator McCain on Twitter, though, I keep out of the affairs of the denizens of the Resistance there.  That’s because sometimes they just act too Republican.

BTW it’s now early on Saturday morning, and no one in D.C. has been arrested yet.

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