Open Mouth. Insert Foot.

Originally posted 5/6/17; updated and re-posted 5/8/17 after a considerable amount of new information came to light

I heard about this yesterday or the day before (5/6/17), but had to take some time to ponder it because…well, it doesn’t make sense.

Sometime in the past few days the Trump administration claimed that it had warned Flynn to cease having contact with the Russians, and that this had taken place during the transition period.

Since the transition period was the same time that Flynn apparently didn’t tell Pence (who headed the transition) about his Russian contacts, which was the official reason Flynn was fired…well, you try to put it together.  (5/8/17 update: Sally Yates stated that indeed Pence “was not aware” of Flynn’s continued Russian contacts; however, I’m still having trouble with this because Rep. Cummings sent a letter to Pence in NOVEMBER telling him of Flynn’s Russian buddies.  Did Pence think Flynn just stopped talking to these people?  Really?  What about all those other members of the Trump team who were also reassuring Russia that the sanctions would be lifted?  Sorry, kids, this still makes no sense.  I’m not saying Yates is lying because why would she.  But I’m saying someone in the Trump administration is lying big time, because Flynn later sat in with Trump on calls to Moscow, sans the level of security clearance needed to do that, and he was kept fully 3 weeks after Yates alerted the Trump administration about what sounds like Flynn’s treason.)

It also kicks the silly Obama excuse (we hired him because Obama didn’t vet him!) to the curb, because if, according to this new fairy tale, the Trumpsuckers knew about Flynn’s Russian buddies and warned him about them, and hired him anyway…again, you try and put it together.  (5/8/17 update: this morning, prior to Yates’ testimony, someone from the former Obama administration announced that Obama himself had warned Trump about Flynn in their meeting 2 days after the election.  Sports fans, this Obama excuse is dead.)

This administration is reminding me more and more of an 8-year-old trying to explain away a misdeed in the principal’s office: the truth is pretty transparent, but still they are trying to make us believe that there’s nothing to see here, they didn’t do it, Obama did it, “fake news” did it; whatever.

Oh BTW…if you see a video clip or read a “quote” from Dianne Feinstein claiming that Trump is in no way connected to Russia, it’s genuine fake news from right-wing media.  They took one quote out of context from a fairly old interview (couple of months ago), and are trying to run with it.  Trip them.

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