You can’t always get what you want

While England/the U.K. is been considered the U.S.’s parent country, France has always been our sibling.  It has not been an easy relationship, but the fact is that we have been allies for at least 241 years.

So in a way it’s no surprise that there are some strong and revealing similarities between our presidential election last November, and theirs which took place this past weekend.  Yes, similarities.  Right down to the Russia thing.

To make a long story short — in case you haven’t heard yet — Russia tried to install a puppet in France, much the way they succeeded in doing so here.  Apparently at least a few members of Congress tried to aid the process (tell me again that Congress hasn’t been infiltrated by Russia), and our president chimed in and praised the nice neo-Nazi lady who was to be installed as another Russian marionette just like himself.

I suppose the Republicans who meddled thought their immense popularity would help Le Pen; instead, something went wrong.  They sure didn’t get what they wanted.  The Russians got outsmarted on the cyber end; the hacking and dirty tricks which had worked so effectively here turned to jelly in their clenched fists.  And our politicians definitely overestimated their popularity with the French, much as they keep trying to overestimate their popularity with their own constituents at home even when we are screaming in their faces in town halls and in the streets.

Right now two U.S. “alt-right” punks are in hiding, apparently, having had something to do with the Russian-cyber-hack end of all of this.  Assange has egg on his face, having been sent on a wild goose chase by fake information deliberately fed into the Russian hack by the new French president Macron’s team.  (I’m wondering just when Putin will decide he no longer has use for Mr. Paleface, and what will happen to Assange after that.  In a way he reminds me of Henry VIII’s Thomas Cromwell.  We know how that ended.)

All in all it was handled brilliantly by Macron’s team, and aided by the fact that France has neither an Electoral College, nor (apparently) the massive election-tampering machine that the Republicans have built in the U.S.  BTW, in the past few days I’ve started to hear rumblings about our election again — specifically about strange events in Michigan, Florida* (which stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb to me on the day of the election), and Texas.  There may be more attention paid to these matters in coming months, as at least one lawsuit appears to have been filed (in Florida).  I almost have hope that the Republican machine will begin to be dismantled.  There have already been a few court rulings against Republican gerrymandering, in fact.

But the question remains, why should we have to deal with this shit?  What do these people think they have to gain (outside of money) by seizing power over a populace that doesn’t want them?  It’s very strange, very stupid.  If they persist, the outcome will be nothing the fascists and oligarchs will like very much.  Money can’t buy you immortality, after all.

And more specifically, for Trump and his ilk — the lid has been blown off of their lies.  They can no longer continue to insist they have nothing to do with Putin and Russia and expect anyone at all (except for the brainwashed) to believe them.  The proof is that the exact same goddamn thing happened in another country; not only that, but our politicians were speaking out in support of the Putin candidate in France.

Anyway, today we will hear from Sally Yates.  If anything interesting happens, I’ll let you know.  Right now it seems we are slouching toward Armageddon, with no particular worries about our world being turned upside down.  Or at least, the Republicans want us to think nothing’s wrong, and they’re willing to send us all to hell while trying to prove it.   May the good Ms. Yates blow it all up in their faces.

*On the morning of the day of our election, I remember thinking that Clinton had Florida in the bag.  Even the hacks on CNN were saying so.

The afternoon dragged by.  There was no news from Florida.  Hours and hours passed, and then…

In the early evening, a CNN announcer said that Trump had won Florida ‘as expected,’ shrugged, and went on to another subject.  No, that is not a direct quote, but that was the gist of what he said.

It was at that point that I knew the election had been fixed, and I stopped watching.

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