Yates by Schiff

I can sum up yesterday’s testimony no better than Rep. Adam Schiff, so I’ll leave my coverage of the event at this:

Schiff tweet

I did hear about some unintentional hilarity that ensued when Sen. Cruz joined the Republican deflection party and tried to grill Yates about Clinton’s emails (two other Republicans had tried other deflection tactics earlier), but I don’t have the details yet.  Apparently Yates wiped the floor with Cruz.  Sorry I missed it.

But some other really major news happened before the testimony: Trump apparently contacted several Republican members of the Senate, trying to get them to cancel Yates’ appearance (quite as Rep. Nunes had obliged him earlier in the House), either after or before having spent the night tweeting insults and dark conspiracy theories about Yates.  That’s witness tampering, hoss.  It’s like bigly illegal, so much so that it can lead to 20 years of jail time.  It also makes Trump look as guilty as a 3-year-old who called his mom “poopyhead.”  An innocent adult does not behave that way.

We have yet to see if anything will happen to Trump anytime soon for this, or if they’ll just add it to the list of other things he’s apparently being investigated for.  The New York State’s Attorney has apparently said that he’s determined to see Trump die penniless in jail (in this case, probably on racketeering charges).  It may be through that avenue that we finally see justice; the way the federal investigations are proceeding, Trump will die naturally, free as a bird and still in possession of his smokescreen of wealth, at least a decade before any charges are brought against anyone.

Thing is, this asshole is a disaster and we cannot wait that long.

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