They just can’t stop themselves

Turns out Comey lied to Congress again about Hillary Clinton’s emails*:

running off at the mouth

And it doesn’t matter now, anyway, because Trump fired Comey this afternoon, and the reason is rich: because of Comey’s insistent mishandling of the Clinton email question (such as it was — wasn’t much of a question).   Right.

Where we go from here is a down a long, dark road.

*late evening update: there’s now at least one thread of thought that Comey dredging up the inaccurate Clinton email story was deliberate.  Yeah, you read that right.  He did it because he knew a long time ago he would be fired (insert rumor about Russia’s insistence on it here), and he guessed that Trump would use this “lie to Congress” as an excuse to get rid of him.  I didn’t believe it at first, but then I noticed that the would-be master propagandist, distorter, and all-around twit Julian Assange actually put Hillary Clinton in the same sentence as Marine Le Pen (good lord!) and claimed that they were discriminated against and “patriarchy is alive.”  Coming from someone hiding out from a sex-offense charge and living under the protection and thumb of a tyrant, I found that to be a bucket of sheer gall.

However, from contemplating the fact that the vapid Assange chimed in at the moment he did, I knew Russia had something to do with all this (actually I knew that Russiagate had something to do with it from the start; everybody did).  And the more I thought about Comey repeating the past lie about Clinton to Congress, the more I agreed that it likely was deliberate.  He was trying to force Trump’s hand, because on Comey’s end, the work was done.  There was nothing left to do but let the courts handle it.  And apparently, they are.

We’ll see if I’m right.