Okay, these are some large tidbits

Somehow the Washington Post got the information that the Russian ambassador to the U.S. had told the Kremlin that Jared Kushner wanted to establish a secret back channel between the Trump White House and the Kremlin (this was after the election, in December 2016).  Okay, that’s huge.  (Keith Olbermann seems to think so, too, but the New York Times is offering a tale that it was all quite innocent, which seems unlikely.)

Reuters is now piling on with the revelation that there are apparently recordings of Kusher talking with said ambassador before the election, dating all the way back to April, 2016 and that the December meeting involved an offer by Kushner to lift sanctions against Russia in exchange for private financing for those in Trump’s circle.  That’s gynormous, too.

Seth Abramson is now saying that Trump was in on the meeting with the ambassador in December, when the request for a back channel was made, and the meeting took place in Trump Tower in NYC, which Kislyak (the Russian ambassador) had entered through the back door — and this explains Trump’s obsession with Trump Tower being “wiretapped.”  This, folks, would be gigantic if proven true.

Trump is said to be setting up a “war room” and stocking it with bullies to fend off unfavorable Russiagate reports.  That would appear to be a tacit admission of guilt and therefore is bigly if true.

The Democrats in Congress are looking to strip Kushner of his security clearance, and apparently they can do this without obstruction from the Republicans.  That’s large as well.

Some RNC operative in Florida admits he sought and received hacked info on the Democrats from the Russian hackers, which he then shared with others, including Paul Ryan.  That could be sizeable (and it is apparently verified).

One Oleg Deripaska, who was once “tied to a Trump aide,” (Manafort) has sought immunity to testify before Congress and has been denied.  That’s somewhat notable too.

The Senate has asked the Trump campaign committee to produce all documents (including emails) going back to 2015.  That’s…interesting.

Put this together, and let’s see what it leads to.  I’m betting it will all end up in the towering landfill of discarded tidbits — some of them huge — we’re already faced with, but as I said, we’ll see.

P.S. some pundits are now claiming that the Kushner info is coming from pissed-off NATO allies, but I can’t verify that — especially since he was named a “person of interest” at least a week before Trump went and made an ass of himself before NATO.

P.P.S.  In the daily deluge of information, somewhere I read that the twit Chaffetz was rewarded with a $1,000,000 donation from Trump(?) after he leaked the supposedly-classified Hillary’s emails letter.  And now he’s confirmed that he’s leaving Congress by June 30 because after all, there’s only so much craziness you can put up with, right?

We should all have such luxury.

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