More mobsters arrested, and other things

I can’t remember when the last round of mass mob arrests happened in NYC, but I’m thinking it was February or March.  That time it was the Bonanno (sp) family, if I remember correctly, and it was 10 low-level members.

Today the FBI arrested 20 members of the Lucchese mob family.

Trump has ties to both, and allegedly both families have ties to the mob in Russia.  So I’m guessing this is all sort of connected, but we’ll see if we ever hear another word about it.  So far there’s been dead silence about the older case(s) against the Bonanno family.  I can only theorize that maybe these crime families were being tapped to carry out murders on behalf of the powers that be in Russia, in order to protect Trump and/or frighten anyone who comes forward to speak out against him.  But that’s pure conjecture.  It’s more likely that all these arrests were just for the usual racketeering stuff, and the Trump connections are just coincidental.  We’ll see.

Anyway, speaking of never hearing another word, the White House today announced to the press that it will take no more questions about the Trump-Russia affair.  Any further questions from the press must be…get this…addressed to Trump’s lawyer (who also happens to be under investigation for Russian ties).

Definitely the administration is very, very nervous.

Also nervous is Twit #2 Devin Nunes, who was stripped of his top-secret security clearance today, probably for continuing to read Trump-Russia briefs long after he’d recused himself from the House investigation (and allegedly blabbing about them to the White House).  This begs the question of why Jared Kushner, who is accused of a far worse crime, hasn’t been stripped of his security clearance.

Meantime, about that “war room” that Trump is putting together to fend off Trump-Russia talk…this seems to be connected: observers on Twitter and the MSM have noted that Trump has suddenly added an extraordinary amount of new followers to his Twitter account (one person said that at a certain point it was something close to 100 a minute), and that most of the accounts newly following Trump were fake.  In fact, around 40% of all this followers on Twitter have always been fake.  Now his opponents on Twitter are complaining of harassment from Trump-sucking Twitter accounts, and that bots have been installed to track people, and so forth.  So I’m guessing that the Trump war room feels that if the Russia tricks worked during the election, they’ll still work now and no one will notice.  Except that they did.

There was also an attempt, seemingly by Trump himself, to turn reality on its ear (not that it hasn’t been already), by inserting a nonsense word into a tweet and later claiming that only Trump and a select few know what it meant.  Twitter had a field day with the word, which I won’t repeat here.

And then there was the attempt to pull poor little Barron Trump into the whole mess; Trump tried to claim that the boy had been traumatized by a comedian’s stupid gaffe yesterday (she posed with a rubber severed head that looked like Trump).  This was another planted story and impressed no one but the established Trumpsuckers, and it wasn’t the first such planted story (remember the one about Ivanka being harassed on a budget flight in front of her children — poor dear!  Never mind what she was doing on a budget flight to begin with).  Expect more of that kind of thing, and whenever the Trumps pull this, think of what the right wing did to Obama and his family for 8 years.

So that’s where we are today, May 31, 2017.  Time drags on.

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