The Gift That Keeps on Giving (Twitter)

I’m still following the Twitter riot, as nothing substantial seems to be happening in the realm of Trump-Russia.  Yes we are still averaging about one bombshell a week, but nothing ever seems to come of it.  You can always bet that by next week there will be another bombshell and this week’s will be forgotten; no one will be arrested or forced from office and the fact that we are paying billions to keep it all operating — when it isn’t — will continue to be ignored.  It’s gotten old.  The only thing I can guess is that taking down and possibly jailing up to half of Congress and the entire administration is something that will take time, but I also know that we don’t have time.  Remember the old saw about fiddling while Rome burns?  Yes.  That.

We are burning; parts of the country are literally drowning as well.  We are in an unprecedented crisis and nobody is really doing anything about it.  As an example, normally storms of the magnitude of Harvey are enough to end the careers of politicians who deal with them badly, but I’m guessing that somehow Trump will be exempt even from that rule (as was Bush).  And so the U.S. continues to plod toward Hell on glacial feet, even as the ice is melting.

Anyway, the past few days have actually been eventful on Twitter.  Two of the biggest purveyors of fake news — Louise Mensch of “Bannon’s getting the death penalty” fame, and Claude Taylor, better known as a ne’er do well photographer who allegedly fleeced this followers for a new minivan — were the subject of an acid article by a U.K. newspaper revealing that Taylor, and by extension Mensch, had as one of their “sources” a woman who openly admitted to being a fraud.  To his credit, Taylor admitted he’d made a mistake — thereby lending credence to the article before anyone could claim it was merely part of a smear campaign.  (To make matters even more murky, these campaigns have actually happened with independent journalists who have been smeared by major news outlets, often moments before a story broke that was originally revealed by the independent journalist.)

But Mensch?  Oh good lord…she threw Taylor under the bus, then got a bit quiet for about 24 hours before she resumed spouting barely-coherent conspiracy theories like nothing ever happened — and of course she (or one of her true believers) brought up the smear campaign angle even though Taylor had already admitted the article was true.  Taylor, btw, is now following the smear-campaign claim as well — at least I saw it in a thread he started.

Both of them lost followers, Taylor more than Mensch; but it appears that neither of them totally lost credibility.  Their true believers are still out there in droves, crowing that the Russians did it — to which I say yes, but not in the way you are thinking.

Meantime my other favorite Twitterer, who has not been openly discredited* but posted a tweet of sympathy to Mensch (who she claims hates her) anyway, went on and on about how it’s all about her and she’s being harassed by the head of the CIA and by the Nazi’s who said they would leave her alone if she joined them, and…and…

She claims she is also being treated for a nasty illness (or two or three).***  I’ve had friends and family members suffer serious and even terminal illnesses and I know better than to cast judgement over all patients who have serious diseases.  But sometimes…well I’ll tell you a story in a few paragraphs.

Back to our Twitterer, it turns out she’s one of those old-style evangelicals who thinks Masons are satanic (there were several Masons among the Founding Fathers), and of course she’s related to Trump and she’s friends with a Rothschild and she knows all about the “Collective” which is an evil cabal that Trump is a part of and the Rothschilds are harassing her and so is the head of the CIA, AND her friends have been murdered and…and…and…oh yes, she knows Mueller and he has told her all about the investigation!

Awfully important, isn’t she, for someone who is basically unknown.  And why are we hearing nothing about these murders (or arrests — she previously claimed that she felt safer because several people had been arrested — WHO?).

Story: I used to know a woman we’ll call Theresa.  This was decades ago.

Theresa was a great storyteller.  At that time I was still in my fan-girl stage, and we both liked a certain race-car driver.  In fact, Theresa headed up a fan club for the guy.  She told lengthy tales about how she knew him and went to school with him, etc.  She kept me on the phone for 3 hours once, regaling me with tales of the race car driver (this was pre-Internet).

Then Theresa lost her battle with cancer, and in the following months I found out that her cancer was the only thing she’d ever told me the truth about.  I heard from another member of the fan club who told me that after Theresa died, several club members had contacted the race-car driver’s manager who said that neither he nor his client had ever heard of Theresa.

It would never occur to most people with potentially fatal illnesses to build up legends about themselves, but a few of them do.  (Hell, even perfectly healthy people do that.)  I know this happened with Theresa, and I’m wondering if that’s what is happening with this Twitterer.***

That’s a serious charge, kind of like the one leveled against Taylor and Mensch, but as this person does not appear to be making money off the situation**, maybe not as serious.  But how else does it make sense?  This is a totally unknown woman claiming to be at the center of the Trump scandal, after all.

The thing I’m getting at is that she’s obviously lying about some or all of it…and getting away with it with a significant number of fans.  Why does this matter?  See the “fiddling while Rome burns” paragraph above.

Someone else wrote a commentary about the Taylor-Mensch situation, crowing that it proved liberals are as stupid and gullible as conservatives and nyah, nyah, nyah.  I congratulate the author of this commentary on his/her personal perfection, and here’s another thing: additional congrats on totally missing the point.

There are a certain number of people on both sides who are always going to internalize the lies and defend them no matter what comes to light.  We’ve seen it with Trump, and we’ve seen it with Taylor (I exclude Mensch, who is an unrepentant neocon and I’m honestly not sure who her most rabid fans might be, numerous as they are).

The thing is, the rest of us need to treat them as entertainment only.  Take nothing they say seriously.  Keep your eyes on the real threats — Trump, Russia, corruption, and the slow pace with which it’s all being handled — and just sit back and watch these other people and giggle.  And if Twitter wants to become the official outlet for silly non-news, let them.  Twitter is just there for commerce and a giggle, after all.

The truth will come out in the end, however slowly.   It’s whether our country will still be here and intact by that time that is the question.  This is what we need to be pondering.  The rest of it is just fluff.

Enjoy yourself at the expense of Mensch, Taylor, and this other person, but keep your eye on the real story.  That’s all I ask.

* yes she has

** found this article, which talks about this particular Twitterer at length.  I actually found it with the subject Twitterer, “Hepzibah’s,” help; she posted the link while claiming the article had been thoroughly debunked by herself and her friends.  All I can say is, Hepzibah’s arguments are always specious at best — and her best moments are rare.  At worst they are often downright fraudulent; for example her claim of the past few days that hurricanes Harvey and Irma have been created by HAARP.  (Oh yeah?  Then why is IRMA HEADING STRAIGHT TOWARD ONE OF TRUMP’S PROPERTIES and MAY IN FACT HIT TWO MORE AFTER THAT ONE?  You’d think he’d have protected himself!)

That, on top of all the Rothschilds crap and other garbage she’s been spewing (including minimizing Russia’s role in Trump’s election), made me grateful that she inadvertently steered me toward what appears to be a very calm, reasoned, well-researched and plausible explanation of herself and what she’s after.  So read the linked article before you encounter this person on Twitter…because if you’re in the Resistance, you will.

***again, read the article; some interesting insights there into Hepzibah’s claimed illnesses and what may actually be going on.

P.S. Here’s another blog article from last spring tackling the subject of Hepzibah


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