It’s all clear now, except to the MSM

Let’s start with Keith Olbermann’s fantastic commentary from the other day.

After you’ve watched that, read this.  And this.

How does it all tie together?  Simple: this business of defrauding us of honest elections has been going on for decades, and it’s been backed by the Republicans, who have been bullying people into silence.  This may have started as far back as Nixon’s first election to the office of President, and it could be that it only became obvious when the Shrub lost the popular vote and still ended up in possession of the Oval Office in the year 2000.  Sound familiar?  Yes, because Trump lost by a whopping THREE MILLION VOTES and guess where he is now, bolstered by a lot of media idiots who keep insisting on discussing “why Hillary lost.”  Meantime the Republicans have stolen state legislatures and governor’s mansions all over the country to the point of a near takeover.  And wherever they are in charge, people are suffering — which is to say they are anything but popular, but yet they mysteriously keep winning elections and re-elections.

The right-wing media (Fox, Breitbart, et al) are Russian operatives and have been for quite some time.  So are at least a few of our lovely billionaires, as well as the Russians’.

None of what I’m saying here is new.  It’s stuff I’ve been saying all along; you know that if you’ve been following this blog.  I was saying it even before there were news articles to help prove it.  How did I know?  BECAUSE IT WAS FUCKING OBVIOUS.

And why are most people still unaware of all this?  BECAUSE OF THE FUCKING MSM.  What’s their big story today, in the middle of this maelstrom?  Oh: Trump gained a point in one of those stupid popularity polls they do every goddamn day.  He also lost a point in another of them, and stayed the same in a third.  But that hasn’t stopped a few media giants from claiming he’s gaining in popularity.

You know, it’s called Fiddling While Rome Burns.

Granted what will probably eventually sink Trump is not Russian collusion, but instead firing Comey for investigating Russian collusion.  At this point, whatever works, works.  But it doesn’t help to do everything to ignore the goddamn problem, does it?  The problem is Trump, and the Republicans, and the MSM, and the goddamn billionaires they all answer to, NOT THE FUCKING POPULARITY POLLS.

Meantime the legends in their own minds on Twitter are continuing to play their own games; one of the most famous of them just shut down her main account and is now posting as her imaginary boyfriend* — a Rothschild, no less — claiming she’s in hiding and please pray for her because Trump, Bannon and Pompeo are trying to kill her because she’s been raped by Nazis and won’t stay quiet about it, but of course any day now things will get better because they’re all going to get arrested!  And remember, Russia means nothing in all this!  It’s all about her!

I’m no longer following this particular idiot on Twitter (I do still follow a few of the other major idiots).  But a friend is, and I follow this shit through her.  We laugh about it over a beer occasionally…or we would if she drank.

One thing we agree on is that she may start drinking with me if something isn’t done soon.  But I’m talking about reality here, not the fantasy world of certain people on Twitter who are out to make a buck by stirring up sympathy for their pretend selves or whatever.  No.  Their resolution is always tomorrow, next week, or right around the corner; ours is far away.  The reality is Trump and the Republicans who are the visible proof that our country has been bought by billionaires and Russians and Russian billionaires who are trying to destroy it for profit (you know, these pigs can eat, drink and poop MONEY; who needs a country, let alone the Earth?).  We are also talking about an MSM that treats the whole story as a fantastical conspiracy theory and then tries to tell us that Hillary Clinton lost and that Trump is getting more popular.

That is what may drive my friend to drink, and me to drink more.

*9/22/17 update: I’m now told that she’s dropped the boyfriend charade and is back to posting as “herself” from her main account.  Tonight I found yet another blog about her (not the same one cited in a previous article here on CR).  It contains some great information for those interested; also, the entire blog seems to have been published on the same day that this person took her main account down and a day or so before she began posting as her imaginary boyfriend.  Interesting timing.  As for the veracity of the blog, $#*$# tells me that this woman is attacking it because of some awkward sentence structure and a few mispellings (if that’s the case, she should read her own stuff!).  I do question the wisdom of doxxing this woman’s father — never ethical — and hinting that this woman might be destined for jail.  I get the point, and understand the writer’s frustration with the situation.  I just think it goes a bit too far.