What I think happened

It’s said that we are approaching the last days of the Trump nightmare, but certain people have been saying that for a long time.  I won’t hazard a guess about it at this point.

What I can guess is what will be revealed when all is said and done.  Here’s what I think:

(1) Trump had been considering running for president since the 1980’s.  What finally pushed him into a halfway serious effort was his intense jealousy of Obama, which was and is driven in part by Trump’s deeply-held racism.  He probably honestly thought the job was easy if a black man could do it.  This means he didn’t really want the actual job (face it, he has no grasp of the actual job); he just wanted the veneer, which he assumed was instant adoration and status, and unlimited power to do whatever the fuck he wanted.  I also believe this is how he handled it mentally when he found out he had been given the election, and that the real job of President is anything but a cakewalk: he retreated into a bubble of imagined adoration and unlimited power.

It’s either that or he was looking for the prestige of being a past presidential nominee from a major party — the prestige he and the complicit media are now trying to deny Hillary Clinton — to catapult him into competition with Murdoch, at the head of his own reicht-wing propaganda media network.  In a way this latter guess is encouraging because, given that Trump has a habit of going full bore into dying industries (only to go bankrupt), it means that right-wing media is in its death throes.

(2) Trump has long-term financial ties to Russia; he has been both borrowing money from and laundering money for Russia for decades.  This way he could and can have others do the dirty work and sign the dirty papers for him.  Meantime, for a long time he pretended to be a billionaire guru on a cheap TV show.  Beats working…or as one of his (supposed) fellow billionaires pointed out, why would a billionaire need to be a host of a realty show?  To keep the illusion going that he is a billionaire.

(3) Tied together by endless money deals, Putin and Trump are part of the same international oligarch mob.  Putin is definitely either the boss or a higher-up; Trump is a wannabe and is being hazed and used by his would-be peers.

When Putin heard of Trump’s plan to run for president — semi-seriously, for a change — he saw an opportunity to not only disrupt the U.S. election process to benefit himself and the other oligarchs in that mob, but also to install what he thought would be an all-powerful puppet in Washington D.C.  This has been illustrated by some of Putin’s behavior, especially early on when he had the sheer gall to try to address the U.S. public, issuing vague threats as to what would happen if people didn’t stop interfering with Trump.

Putin did not and does not understand U.S. government or the majority of the U.S. population.  This blind spot is a major weakness for him.  Keep this in mind.

(4) And so Russia majorly interfered in the U.S. election — I believe even to the point of altering votes.  They did this using an election-corruption system the Republicans (who were also bought off by the Russians) have had in place for at least 30 years, as well as their own internet-trolling expertise.  The result was that to his own shock, Trump magically won enough swing states — by the same magical 1% margin! — to make the corrupt Electoral College look innocent in installing him in spite of Clinton’s large popular-vote lead.

Somewhere around this time, I believe this scenario played out: “Oh shit,” Trump thought, “now I have to play President or else Putin is going to poison me.”  (Yes, he is afraid of being poisoned.)

Since then he and the Republicans, with the blessings of the oligarch mob, have been busy carving up the U.S. melon.  This is because they believe they can breathe, eat, drink, sleep and shit money, and to hell with the Earth or anyone else who lives on it.

Yes, that’s it.  Not that it’s nothing, but I think this is what it will boil down to when all is said and done: it was all an internal and extra-national mob scheme.  Trump is crooked and deserves to be in prison, but he is not the mastermind; he is a puppet.  It is still unclear whether Putin works for the oligarchs or the oligarchs work for him (and I should mention that several of the oligarchs are American), but we’ll find that out eventually as other countries — not the U.S., which will be exhausted after ousting the Trumps — reveal what they know about the whole situation.

And yes, I do believe everything is already known.