We hold these truths to be B.S.

I meant to write this a while back, but then the 2nd fake Syria attack happened and I had one more thing to add to my list.

The thing is, there are lots of “truths” that keep being repeated by the MSM and by commenters on Twitter and Facebook.  And these “truths” are false.

Perhaps the #1 example is that Hillary Clinton lost the election.  She did not.  She won by at least three million votes.  What happened after that is anybody’s guess, but before beating this particular dead horse again, people need to consider the following facts:

(1) she won by at least three million votes;
(2) according to some people investigating the election, Trump won a number of swing states by the same improbable 1% margin;
(3) this gave the already-suspect Electoral College an excuse to give Trump the presidency instead of doing their actual job, which is to prevent rabble* from taking over the country.

Really.  That’s what happened.  And that’s why any further speculation about the Democrats being “out of touch” (with who?  30% of the population?), or Hillary being too old-school or any other such pontificating, is pointless.

Oh, and there’s the other thing about the election itself: I keep hearing that Russia swung the election via bots and trolls and fake news, and harassing people on Facebook.  No.  No.  And no.  All Russia managed to do on FB in particular (and they’re still doing it) is spread false news, provide an echo chamber for those who already believed that shit, and harass the hell out of those who did not.  I’m guessing that this did not affect the election one bit.

If you still believe it did, please answer a question for me: if the Russians had such power over our minds that inserting bots and trolls and fake news into Facebook (targeting voters whose FB information had been stolen) had an actual effect, is it realistic to think they stopped there?  Why didn’t they seal the deal by stealing actual votes and altering actual outcomes?  Were they that confident of their propaganda and bullying?  Really?

I’ll go there for you: they stole the election, with a great deal of help from an already corrupt system the Republicans had had in place for at least 2 decades.  See the 4th paragraph above.  Stop being innocent.

The other crap “truth” that I keep hearing is that the 2nd amendment guarantees personal gun ownership.  It does not.  I’m referring this one to a Keith Olbermann video on the subject because I cannot state it any better or more clearly than he has.

Come to think of it, here’s an answer I want to hear from anyone who claims that banning abortion will stop abortion, but banning guns will not stop people from getting guns: how, exactly, does that work?

Further, does the notion that you cannot stop murder of actual, viable human beings (not zygotes) because people are going to do it anyway…doesn’t that legitimize murder?

Anyway, on to Syria.  Kudos to those who shrugged at the news of bombs being dropped, again, on empty targets because Trump had tipped off Putin and Assad in advance (again).  That was, in fact, most of us.  But there were still far too many on both Twitter and Facebook who gave in to hysterics about WWIII, and the MSM seemed to give the event far too much credence, at least at first.  Apparently Putin influenced our media in trying to scare his own population into submission by laying on the WWIII shit with a trowel, and that’s concerning.

As for the FB and Twitter folks, there will always be Chicken Little’s who are terminally unable to distinguish between a couple of bombs landing on an empty building and a major global conflagration.  These folks get furious and wildly defensive when you try to set them straight, and so there is nothing you can do about them except wait for the truth to come out — because with Trump’s antics, it always does rather quickly — and hope that will shut them up.  Until the next time.

As most of the rest of us recognize, this was nothing but Operation Stormy Daniels…Trump was trying to distract from the only thing that means anything to him, which is tabloid scandal, because he believes we are all as shallow as he is.

This brings me to another point.  As of this moment, the big scandal is Michael Cohen and his “client list,” which includes the inexcusable Sean Hannity.  People are all excited, claiming that Michael Cohen is the answer to the whole thing and that soon Trump will go to jail.

No.  My prediction is that by next week Cohen will still be in deep trouble, but the entire subject will have been supplanted by another scandal.  And so on.  And so forth.  And all this shit will drag on and on and on.

Oh, and here’s another “truth:” if Trump is deposed, the media sages gravely warn, it will upset his (presumably heavily armed and irrational) base.  What the hell does that mean?  That the rest of us — some 70% of the population — have to live like this so the minority can remain comfortably delusional?  What the fuck?

OH, and how can I forget the old warhorse wail, “but Pence is worse!”  Assholes, if Pence assumes the Presidency (and I daresay this is not an issue, because he will not), he will not last long for a number of reasons.  So let’s just leave this one alone.  I cannot believe anyone honestly wants to keep Trump for fear of Pence.  It’s just stupid.  DROP it.

I’m sure I’ll be editing this heavily in coming days as other faux truths come to mind, but for the time being I’ll leave it at this: don’t rely on slogans to make up your mind.  Do your research.

In short, don’t fall for bullshit.

*definition of “rabble” is debatable; some claim it was to prevent more populated states from having undue influence on the vote.  Nowadays, however, I would apply “rabble” to right-wingers and certain of their counterparts on the left wing.