For when it’s all over except for the thing that won’t happen

I have run out of things to talk about.  Every week brings a new scandal to the Trump administration, but yet nothing is new, so I never find anything worthy of comment.

The MSM keeps falling for it as if it were new, as does the Chicken Little squad on Facebook and Twitter, who now almost weekly declare us to be on the precipice of WWIII, a new Great Depression, or magically — after just a year and a half of Trump — so far down the rabbit hole that we won’t recover for millennia.   The latest: Trump is a dictator!  Yes, he — or rather, those who are propping him up, as he has no real power at this point — has/have enough within his/their range to do damage.  But no…he is not a dictator and won’t be unless we allow it, and that is the point here.

I’m convinced some of these CL folks are bots (think of a modern day Tokyo Rose), and of course others are depressives who are looking to share their joy, sarcastically speaking.  But it’s the rest of the Resistance that concerns me: normal people who are just worn out.

Yes, we are worn out.  More and more of my Resistance friends are taking time-outs because they just can’t handle it anymore.  When every day brings another pile of the same old bullshit, and nothing ever really changes no matter what bullshit bomb explodes, it gets old.

Mueller (our only hope until November), is taking his old sweet time as if Rome weren’t burning.  (Yes, we are burning, but is it the end of us?  No.)  It’s said that his investigation is months ahead of whatever knowledge the general public has been given, but still, it never seems to be enough.  Funny that people were talking about impeaching Obama because even his authentic birth certificate wasn’t authentic enough for them — first it was because he hadn’t released the birth certificate, then it was because he released the short form, then when he released the long form, it wasn’t written by God and handed down on the mountain.   Yet even Trump’s known Mob connections and his obvious kowtowing to Putin (yes, the two are related)…well, that’s okay with the same people.  Move along, nothing to see here.

Obviously we are dealing partially with a cult (Trump’s supporters in the general population), and with members of a crime syndicate (Trump’s politician and oligarch supporters).  That doesn’t bother me much.   The sector of the population that sucks up to Trump is a minority, and many in that minority are in that sector simply because they are ill-informed.  The rest are true brainwashed cultists and there is nothing you can do with them.  As for the politicians, they can be dealt with at the polls.  Two of them — McConnell and Ryan — could end Trump right now, but won’t.  That tells me they are in the syndicate, so they must be dispensed with legally, in November.  Ryan, in fact, has already seen the writing on the wall and has elected to retire.

So the minority — or what they threaten to do if Trump is deposed, which the MSM keeps trying to scare us with — is not the problem; it’s the effect this lengthy wait is having on the rest of us that is the problem.  As I’ve said in the past, it isn’t just Mueller investigating Trump’s ties to an extra-national crime syndicate.  Just about the entire world is investigating it.  This could be what is holding Mueller back — perhaps he’s waiting on someone else’s investigation, since this whole thing is definitely international (yes!  this is what the right-wing “deep state” yammering is about, if they’re not actually admitting that there is an extra-national crime syndicate that is controlling large parts of the world).  But still the wait has worn thin, and the accumulated damage is now too great to ignore.  People are dying.  The global economy is being jerked around by puppet strings.  The environment is being damaged for short-term financial gain.

Houston, we have a problem.

The other argument is that Mueller is waiting to have the perfect case before he takes Trump down.  I don’t buy it because Mueller has to be able to see that he is dealing with idiots.  Even a traffic ticket might be enough to take the Trump administration down at this point, just because they are so stupid that they probably couldn’t argue their way out of it without making it one hundred times worse for themselves.

That is in our favor.  I say “use it.”  I also say that if we are dealing with an administration that so easily and carelessly flouts the law — we are living in a Constitutional crisis as we speak because of that — then we need to stop dissecting whether or not a sitting president can be indicted.

Go ahead.  Try it.  At this point, let’s see what happens.  In short, do something.