Persona non grata

Been around a long time.  Can’t recall any president ever being shut out of social events and rituals.

Memes are flying that Trump has been excluded from “two funerals and a wedding,” but the truth is that he was only excluded from two funerals.  The royal wedding thing was never an issue except that Trump was stupid and churlish enough to insist on being invited (only to find himself being left to pout when he wasn’t).

Fact is that Obama wasn’t invited to Prince William’s wedding, and he wasn’t invited to Prince Harry’s wedding even though he and Harry are friends.  American presidents (and ex-presidents) are walking security headaches on top of all the security headaches already caused by a royal wedding.  So they don’t get invited, period.

So that brings us back to the funerals.  Again, I’ve seen presidents send their wives or other dignitaries to various funerals in their stead, but I’ve never seen a president be specifically excluded in the first place.

Nothing much to add here except that I’ve noted that Trump’s cult is already attacking the family of John McCain.  To that I say, “really?  What the hell is wrong with you people?  Trump hated McCain anyway — why would he even want to be at the funeral?”

Or this: “why does hearing the truth hurt you so much?”  This is, after all, what the cultists are getting their knickers in a knot about.  They are deliberately ignoring the remarkable fact that Trump was specifically excluded from the guest list.

And so I’ll leave alone that they don’t deal with the fact that their hero is all too obviously persona non grata in polite society, and stress that they prefer to deflect by taking cheap shots at the families of newly-dead people…even families of war heroes when their own hero dodged the draft 5 times in the same era.

There is, after all, very little to successfully defend in Trump – and so his cultists latch on to fantasy, and fiercely attempt to castigate whoever they perceive as hurting their dear leader.  (BTW, Trump was never mentioned by any of the speakers, so how do these cultists know the speakers’ words were about him?)

As I’ve said in other posts, there is a small portion of U.S. society who will never be able to leave the cult.  Let’s hope a few of the rest wake up.  Maybe they already have; I have very little use for polls, but a recent one states that an astounding 60% of the U.S. public disapprove of Trump.  If that percentage includes even a few former Trump-suckers, it’s a hopeful sign.

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