Of White Elephants, Kushner and (ultimately) Syria

According to a report by NBC News, special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators are looking at multiple efforts made by Kushner to obtain financing for the project from the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar, but they were rejected. Later Qatar’s neighbors in the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, began a blockade against Qatar, alleging that the state was a supporter of terrorism. As a Trump adviser on Middle East policy, Kushner, with close ties to Saudi Arabia, was a party to launching this blockade. This and other attempts to get financing for 666 Fifth from Russia, China, and Turkey have drawn the investigators to scrutinize what seem to be Kushner’s serious conflicts of interest.

— from The Curse of 666 Fifth Avenue, the Skyscraper That Could Sink the Kushners
Clive Irving

The preceding paragraph sums up the entire recent history of the 666 Fifth Avenue debacle better than I ever could, so please be sure to read it.  It explains most of what I’m about to say.

I’d also like to emphasize that all of this is merely my effort to connect the dots.  I am guessing based on publicly-available information.

Okay, here we go.  First of all, it is said that Jamal Khashoggi was researching the connection between the Saudis, the Qatar blockade, Kushner, and this stupid building.  I’m also guessing that Kushner spent much of 2017 flitting around the world selling and/or trading U.S. intelligence for various types of profit.

Those two things are connected, because it’s said that one of the names mentioned in some intelligence Kushner very generously gave the Saudis was Khashoggi — who already had been a thorn in their side anyway, and probably Kushner wasn’t a fan of his either, considering that he was allegedly researching Kushner’s financing irregularities.

Anyway, this likely led to Khashoggi’s horrific murder at the hands of the Saudis.  In Turkey.  The location of the murder is connected (Turkey).  Saudi Arabia is connected to Turkey.  They’re all connected to Putin.

As I’m writing this, Trump is trying to lie and say that Erdogan told him not to worry, he’d take care of ISIS for him.  (I guess later he’ll claim that this was the grand plan he had to eliminate ISIS minutes after he assumed the presidency — remember that campaign promise?)

Also remember that it’s a documented fact that the Saudis fund ISIS.  ISIS was well contained in Syria, as I understand, but without U.S. troops there they will go wild and probably conduct mass genocide against the Kurds.**  I don’t know what the Russian/Saudi/Turkish axis stands to gain from all of this; Syria is not terribly oil rich.  Nonetheless, it’s all connected.

All of which brings us to the Kushner connection to Trump’s sudden and stupid announcement that the U.S. would be withdrawing from Syria (he’s also now saying something about Afghanistan, but that’s a whole other bag of filthy corruption).  It all goes back to the Khashoggi murder and all the crap that event threatens to expose, should it ever be made totally public.  Remember, Trump is now saying that TURKEY is bailing us out of Syria.  He originally said it was Russia, but was probably quickly ordered by Putin to STFU, even as the Russian media were openly celebrating.

I’m guessing that a threat of exposure of Kushner actually being an accessory, however unwittingly, to the murder of a U.S. green card holder (and a journalist) is what pushed Trump to make this rash announcement.  And that threat came from Turkey.

No, it’s not Turkey turning on their buddies the Saudis and the Russians.  They’re all in it together; Erdogan is just trying to extract goodies from the evidence he has about the murder (and he does seem to have a lot — tapes?  really?  how the hell did that happen?). Being the kind of creature he is — and Trump, Mr. Bone Saw and Putin are — he doesn’t care who he embarrasses a bit while doing it, and his buddies in the axis don’t care, either.  To them, it’s all for show and profit.  The Russians certainly don’t care; apparently they’re doubling over with laughter as we speak.

You see, Russia is trying (and failing) to look as innocent in the whole affair of the 2016 election and all the goodies they’ve stolen since, as Saudi Arabia is trying to look innocent in the death of Khashoggi (and their financing of terrorists, etc., etc.).  Erdogan, (who as of right now has little to hide but the fact that his security guards beat up U.S. protestors on U.S. soil and Trump did nothing about it), got the Trump card in this caper, and he’s delivered Syria to the axis with it while allowing Russia and S.A. to claim they had nothing to do with it.  Never mind the glass houses.

Oh yes, there IS one glaring gem in Erdogan’s own glass house: the long-standing aggression of the Turks against the Kurds.  Forgot about that.  My bad.  It’s only the major piece of the puzzle here, after all.

Anyway, now Trump has lost his Secretary of Defense as a result of all of this (of course he’s trying to re-frame this by claiming that he fired Mattis).  In his brilliant resignation letter, Secretary Mattis stopped just short of calling Trump a traitor.  The letter was so deeply disturbing that members of Congress now want Mattis to testify about its contents.  Certainly it made Mr. Obstructionist, Mitch McConnell, blink — but I’m sure McConnell will have forgotten all about it by the time holiday recess is over.  Too much other havoc to wreak, I guess; McConnell is a political terrorist, after all.  He has his work to do.

So there you have it — my theory on what prompted Trump into this new and heightened display of stupidity.

To distract from it all he’s shut down a portion of the U.S. government, allegedly over his long-lost wall that Mexico was going to pay for, but now we’re supposed to.  A grifter even extracted several million dollars from Trump’s cult to build this wall before someone else realized out loud that private donations to the government can only be made to a general fund — meaning that it’s highly unlikely the money would be used to build a wall, and the donors would have no say in the matter.   Insert that old saw about a fool and his money here.*

And so the U.S. limps on, somehow unable to get rid of this parasite.  It’s now said that Russian interference in the 2016 election — their promotion of Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders — is what cost Hillary Clinton enough votes in swing states to win the Electoral College, even though she won the popular vote.  I have doubts about that; this seems like yet another media smokescreen designed to make us somehow forget that the Russians actually changed votes.  I say that because Trump’s margin of victory was equally tiny and unlikely in each state that was involved.  It’s charming that some in the media still want to protect us from “shock,” but vote-stealing seems to be a fact here, not a myth to be shoved off into the wilds of conspiracy theory.  (Keep in mind that the same entities have tried to tell us that the Russians accessed actual voting machines, but just snooped around and didn’t do anything.  Right.)

But I digress.  I do that a lot these days.  There is, after all, no one clear line in this saga.  However, to me, the connection between Kushner, Khashoggi, Syria and the axis is all too clear.  I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.

* P.S. I’m informed that the fraudulent GoFundMe campaign to fund Trump’s wall continues.  Since they won’t be able to give the money directly to any wall-funding account, I’m guessing one of three things will happen:
(1) they’ll be forced to give everyone refunds.  However, many people will never see their money again, or
(2) they’ll give the money to Trump’s campaign fund, where it will promptly disappear forever, or
(3) the grifter who started the whole thing will try to pocket all the money or else will try to extract an extra-large administrative fee.

** P.P.S. The Australians and several allied forces in Europe are still in Syria and will remain there.  This represents a miscalculation on Putin’s part; he seems to have assumed that once the U.S. was gone, the region will have been left without protection from ISIS.  Seems he forgot about everyone else.


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