An unpopular opinion on a minor issue

Nancy Pelosi is being credited with staring Trump down on the shutdown matter, and it’s good that she’s being credited.  Don’t forget, however, that Mueller’s magnificent stunt of arresting Roger Stone — even before the entire case against him was ready — was the immediate cause of Trump’s collapse on the “wall” issue*.  Yes, Pelosi is a brilliant politician, but she had help in this matter.  She didn’t do it alone.

But that’s not the point here.  The point is the 10,000 memes, cartoons and other commentary this has generated on social media, which all seem to have to do with Pelosi emasculating Trump.

THINK about this for a minute.

This is the same sort of thinking that aided the Russians in attacking Hillary Clinton in 2016, folks.  Putin is, after all, terrified of Clinton.  So is Bannon.  So is Trump.  Probably so is Stephen Miller and any of a number of clowns in Congress (never forget Lindsey Graham, who is resurrecting the “but her emails” crap show as we speak).

This is all because she’s a woman.

For a long time I chose to believe that this was a flaw on their side only, but now I see that this is very deeply ingrained in almost everyone on both sides.  A woman simply isn’t supposed to get the better of a man.  If she does…well you see what’s happened: thousands of memes more or less making fun of Trump for being less than a manly man.

Yes the right wing tried to make an issue of Ann Coulter’s nagging of Trump, but the fact is, Coulter lost her glitter a long time ago and she never had any validity.  At the point her name came up, she was a fading neocon windbag begging for attention.  Then the rumors surfaced about her digging her pro-wall stiletto heels into Trump.  Remember that they tried to resurrect Rush Limbaugh along with her, and he faded right back into well-paid oblivion once the woman angle was played.  Not that I believe Coulter’s actually a woman, but have you heard anything about Limbaugh since about a week ago?  I’m sure he’s still out there somewhere with his flabby jowls flapping in the breeze, but no one’s listening who’s under 80.  That’s where he was before, and where he will remain.

Coulter’s last 15 seconds are almost gone now and it’s apparent that this whole thing was rigged either by her agent or by the Russians, or maybe both.  Which brings us back to Pelosi, who actually is someone.

Which brings us back to all these memes, cartoons, comments, etc.

Yeah it’s funny for about a nanosecond, but it’s not so funny when you examine what’s behind it.  I’d ask that everyone left of right stop and reconsider.  Let’s give Nancy Pelosi the credit she is due.  And never forget that she had help, but since that was from a male source, we’re hearing nothing about it.

Kind of tells you everything.

*there is a lot of controversy about this, but it sure did look like the arrest put a fire under Trump’s ass to open the government right away instead of dragging his heels a few more days.  The TSA strike at LaGuardia probably helped, too.