Chaffetz goes bonkers

In the past two weeks, Jason Chaffetz has
(1) Said he would not be running for re-election.  Some major news outlets are stopping here and writing exhaustive articles about how brilliant this may turn out to be, as he’s planning to run for president in 12 years.  (Note: observe the career of Sarah Palin to see how much quitting boosts one’s political aspirations; also observe the career of Dan Quayle to see how long major missteps and stupidity can live on in the public consciousness.)

(2) Said he might resign before his term was up.

(3) Said he might resign very soon.

(4) Spent Monday or Tuesday of this week making the astounding claim that Obama was responsible for Trump hiring Flynn as National Security Advisor.  This was in the same time period that the Trump administration fell into a P.R. trap set by the House Oversight Committee (Chaffetz’s committee!).  You see, the Committee ordered some documents pertaining to Flynn that they knew the White House would not release, thereby making the White House look like it was covering something up.  And the White House just tiptoed through the tulips right into the big ouchie trap, which then slammed shut and injured not only the administration but apparently some part of Chaffetz’s foot as well.

This illustrates that in Chaffetz’s absence (or even just projected absence) Flynn is no longer safe from the attentions of the Oversight Committee, which formerly was refusing to look at the Trump-Russia situation at all and was, in fact, intending to keep investigating Hillary Clinton until they found…something, anything, even if it took centuries.  But suddenly Chaffetz announced he was out of there someday, perhaps soon, so immediately the microscope was moved to Flynn.

Quick Chaffetz, deflect!  (Well, he tried…)

(5) On Wednesday, announced that he was taking leave from the House to have elective surgery on his foot which appears to be shoved deeply into his mouth, or in the same trap the Committee set for Trump, or both.

It’s speculated that Chaffetz is caught between the FBI and Russian blackmail.  I’d say it’s almost definite that he is running from something that he does not want to deal with, and not toward the presidential race in 12 years.

Anyway, we won’t have to deal with the little twit for at least the next month; meantime, maybe someone in Washington can get some actual work done.

P.S. This should lead to a discussion of the Senate Intelligence Committee and one Senator Burr, who is co-chairman, but I didn’t fall for the line that the Committee was paralyzed because Burr is also compromised by Russia, so we won’t go there.  I mean, Burr is definitely compromised by Russia — I think almost the entire Republican Party is — but the Democrats have apparently had a working majority in this Committee anyway because of another Republican in the group who is not cooperating with her party.

P.P.S. It’s now Thursday of Week 2 and nobody in D.C. has been arrested yet.  And also, as to why I didn’t mention anything the president’s “briefing” of the Senate on North Korea: I knew it was going to be bullshit.  And it was.