No country for frightened minds

Yes, it has started.

I work with the public. I won’t say where or in what capacity (no, dickhead, I am not a hooker).

Some dumbfart at the turn of the last century — Harry Gordon Selfridge I believe — said something like, “the customer is always right.” U.S. consumers in particular have spent the last century believing it. And in doing so, they have become some of the biggest assholes in the world.

For instance, some of them seem to believe that it is appropriate to assume what a stranger’s political beliefs are based on appearance, and attack them for it, suffering nothing in return because the person they attacked is only a worker and cannot reply (btw, there are a few major companies that give customers like this major shocks when their behavior gets out of control; I happen to work for one of those). I get told I’m a “liberal” quite frequently, for instance, by fat-necked conservative white males. Skinny liberal males (and sometimes females) usually tell me I’m obviously an arch-conservative. What I am, in fact, is nobody’s goddamn business except when I choose to make it so on this blog.

To get to the point, certain members of the general public have been nearly hysterical since November, and the inauguration yesterday sent them flying over the edge. Since we’ve been hearing for 8 years about the supposed Bush Derangement Syndrome that made people insane with baseless hate for that wonderful George W. Bush, that nice man, I guess what we are dealing with now could be called Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Only difference is, this time it’s real.

Be very afraid: these people cannot reason and cannot control themselves, and they are not as rare as they should be. They are lost in panic, and when you try to reason with them, you are answered in one of two ways: a rising voice spewing wing-nut cliches, or much more commonly, a blank stare coupled with a gaping mouth.

It always turns out that they have never actually thought about anything they’re saying. They’ve been brainwashed. They have lost all capacity for rational thought or for anything resembling independent thought. They are totally dependent on Fox News and radio talk-show hosts to tell them what to think, feel, and even do. Their brains are addicted to a steady drip of terror and rage. And now some of them are so OD’d on fright and anger that they on the verge of becoming violent.

Proof? Okay, here it is — and this is just one example: yesterday some asshole came up to me and started talking about the inauguration, starting with, “Well you liberals must be happy.” I just raised my eyebrows. It was better than rolling my eyes, which could have gotten me in trouble with the boss.

So he then started ranting about how Senator Kennedy had collapsed during some luncheon and how he hoped Kennedy was dead, and how Kennedy got Obama elected, etc. etc.

He came back to me 4 times over the next half hour to demand to know if Kennedy had died.

God’s truth. And no, dears, never once in 8 years did I deal with anyone supposedly afflicted with Bush Derangement Syndrome who ranted quite like that — or at all. Certainly I never had cause to call a manager to get the asshole thrown out of the establishment, as I nearly did in this case and several other similar ones recently.

And this is only the start. The asshole brigade is flailing about in mid-air, bloated with wild and unfocused rage, kind of like Harry Potter’s Aunt Marge. Sooner or later, one or more of them will explode in a public area near you.

Like the lady in All About Eve said, “fasten your seatbelts, we’re in for a bumpy ride.” Better wear a flak jacket as well. While we’re at it, how about some earplugs?