Allstate’s Stand?

First, read this (apologies in advance because it’s in PDF format, which I realize that many home computers still do not have):

While I applaud the words, I’m going to have to do further research before I comment on this much.  But for an insurance giant like Allstate to admit to being part of the problem is, on the face of it, extraordinary.

There’s a link to a proposed Insurance Czar bill here:

I couldn’t get through the whole thing without my eyes glazing over, but while I skimmed it, one thing jumped out at me: there didn’t seem to be any mention of health insurance.  I wonder why.  Whatsa matter, Congress, does Karen Ignoramous got your tongue?

If nothing else, I’m sure the Fat Man will be howling with outrage any minute now.  A Federal Insurance Czar?  SOCIALISM!  The system was working just fine the way it was!  No problem!  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, you Nazi!

Imagine that — Allstate has become a nest of socialist Nazi’s!

Ah, that big, fat dumbass.  What would we laugh at without him.

While I can’t wait to hear the inevitable feigned outrage, misdirected anger, and just plain stupid blubbering of Mr. Pro-Elitist, I also can’t wait to see what happens with the re-regulation movement.  It just seems to me that there’s a war going on above our heads and we are all huddled together, powerless to do anything about it.

Allstate admitting that there is a need for “clarity” may be a start.  But I suspect that there is a Karen Ignoramous-like ulterior motive lurking somewhere here, just as there is in the health insurance industry.  We are, after all, living in an age where if a problem’s fat ass gets cut off, it just sprouts two or three new ones.  Liposuction doesn’t seem to work; that fat just won’t go away.

So I can’t help wondering what’s behind the altruistic facade.  I suppose only time and a good investigative blogger or two will tell.