And now I have a question for Ted Koppel

Ted Koppel takes down Bill O’Reilly

Good one, Ted.  It’s about time someone took that windbag O’Reilly down, once and for all.

However, there’s still one question I have that goes unanswered: who was behind this rot?  O’Reilly didn’t do it himself.


Happy Yule

No use putting Christ back into Christmas, because he was never there.  Christmas is actually the Winter Solstice, known in some past civilizations as Yule.  Christmas was an invention to replace Yule.  It never had anything to do with Jesus.

After my early-childhood awe of Santa left me, I never really enjoyed the season until I found that out.  Life seemed empty after there was no more magical man appearing in the living room overnight and depositing cherished plastic toys in prettily wrapped boxes.  No, it just meant yawning through family gatherings and going to church and yawning through some idiot blathering about how sinful you were to only show up in church once a year, on Christmas.

Then I found out that the real  holiday was the winter solstice, or Yule, and that it had real meaning (the return of the sun) and much in the way of natural magic.  And now it means everything to me.  You can perhaps experience some of it in this link, if you can quiet yourself for a while.

See what I mean?  I hope so.  (If not, work at it; you’ll be happier for having done so.)

And so my advice is that if you don’t want to drag through yet another weary Christmas season feeling harried, angry, and empty…quit your whining and stop pretending Bill O’Reilly knows anything about anything.  He’s just an asshole looking for fame by rousing the rabble. 

In this case, it’s much ado about nothing.  Christmas was the birthday of a great-aunt of mine, but she died a few years back.  I know there are several thousand others who have it as a birthday now.  If you know one of them, wish them a happy birthday.

But actual Christmas falls after the Solstice, and is beside the point — and that’s just the point.  There is no point to it.  So instead, look outside your window today and ponder a bit about the natural world.  It’s truly a gift from the divine.  Honor the divine, not a fake birthday.

Happy Solstice.