Welcome to U.S.A. Inc., and…South Carolina

I’m going to start by telling you the good thing about the Supreme Court ruling that corporations can dump unlimited money on political campaigns: it will finally bring out into the open, via disclosure laws*, which politicians are owned by which corporations.  What has been happening somewhat surreptitiously all along (unless one wanted to take the time to dig a bit) will suddenly become crystal clear to even the most blinkered teabagger and the haziest left-winger: This obese candidate brought to you by the multinational Extreme Sugar and Fat Food Company!  This “jobs American’s won’t do” President bought and paid for by the Flimsy Excuse Corporation that shipped the most U.S. jobs abroad!  And lookit that piece of really sucky legislation that lets Kill-it Inc. cut down a few million acres of a national park forest, pave it over, and build an amusement park/condo development — you know, half of Congress literally owed them that!

The other piece of good news is that we can do something about it.  Corporations keep forgetting that they exist, usually, because people buy the things they sell.  Refusing to buy the things they sell kinda sucks from their viewpoint.  And so they can dump all the millions into the campaigns they want, and rig the voting machines and even threaten workers who do not vote the “right” way, but if we decide their government sucks, all we need to do is stop buying the wares of whatever corporation dumped the most money into the most sucky politicians.  It’s a whole new way to vote.

Other than that, though, the ruling just plain sucks.  I don’t even have to detail why.  It’s like a train wreck.  You can glance at it, or even just hear about it, and you know it sucks.  Some things suck like that.

Take South Carolina, for instance.

Now, I admit that a year ago I was embarrassed to be living in Illinois — but that was only because of Rod Blagojevich and Roland Burris.  Big deal.  One is on his way to trial now, having been impeached and removed from office.  The other is disgraced, his political career at an end as of the next election.

Oh, pity.  Too bad for both of them that they are not South Carolina Republicans.  Neither would feel the sting of disgrace, let alone be forced from office and into a courtroom.

The latest from this political dirt pit of the South, of course, is the theory of their lieutenant governor that if you stop feeding the poor (stray animals) they will stop reproducing.  Of course his defense (and it seems to be enough for a Republican) is to claim that he did not say that — just before he says it again.

Ah, the joys of being a Republican in Wingnutland.  You become the public-servant equivalent of Rush Limbaugh: you can say or do whatever you goddamn well please and no one can touch you!

Just like, come to think of it, the Supreme Court!

So to both entities, I give an entire week’s worth of Stupid of the Day awards.  Take a bow, jerk-offs.

*Later update: I have learned since that there are no applicable disclosure laws.