Conduct Unbecoming

It’s a low moment when one realizes that the term “conduct unbecoming” technically does not apply to the president of the United States.  But there it is: it does not.

Currently the qualifications for the office are lower than those for local school-board members, I believe.  This accounts for much of the GOP field in the last two elections.  Many were nothing more than vanity candidates.

What concerns me is that the most obvious vanity candidate of them all was able to steal the office.  (NO, HE WAS NOT ELECTED.)  Now securely there, he is being held to no particular standards of conduct and execution of duties, simply because there aren’t any.

Things have come to a new low point now; this morning he was revealed on national television to have blackmailed two popular talk-show hosts.  Don’t get excited; nothing will happen to him.  Remember what I wrote in the previous post.

However, this came directly on the heels of yesterday’s revelation that…let’s see if I can get this straight…a Republican operative contacted Russian hackers for Clinton’s emails, somehow for or through Flynn.  This is huge, folks.  This indicates collusion.  The only choking point is determining Flynn’s exact role in the scheme.  Someone might also like to take a look at just how it was that the Republican operative in question died just days after revealing this story.  Yes, he was 81 years old, but still — that’s a big coincidence.

Meantime, remember Carter Page?  It’s been revealed that he spent much of April — roughly the last time we heard anything about him — talking to the FBI without a lawyer, which indicates that either he’s stupid (but we already guessed that), or he has flipped.  This revelation seemed to make various satellites in the Trump orbit rather shaky.  One of them suddenly did what he’d been resisting doing: he registered retroactively as a foreign agent.

Left wing Pied Piper and right-wing operative Louise Mensch suddenly withdrew from Twitter this morning, claiming Trump is done (he is not) and because of that her work is done for the time being.  Those who have been following her for a long time claim that she has done this before.  I don’t know about that, but what I do know is that Mensch has been under pressure from various Twitterers for a few months now, one of them being Seth Abramson, about whom I still have serious questions — although I’d believe him before Mensch any day.  Another person she’s been tussling with is the highly credible Preet Bahara, with whom Mensch presumed to argue the legal point of whether a sealed indictment against a sitting president is possible.  I’d say she lost; at least, nothing has happened to prove her right and the attorney Bahara wrong.

It’s gotten particularly intense recently, with claims that she’s been doxxing people (doxxing basically means making private information very public; it’s not always illegal but it is always unethical).  Certainly she seems to spend more time lately issuing denials and threats of legal action than she does inventing conspiracy theories and making wild claims.  Her announced disappearance this morning comes just after the very latest charges of doxxing; there seems to be a new victim coming forward every few days.

So it seems stuff is going down, folks, in various arenas.  Unfortunately Trump is not one of the things tumbling down, and that brings me back to the point.

As I said, you probably need more qualifications to run for the local school board than you do for president, and once you obtain the office of president, you are under no particular obligation to your oath or to anything else (definitely not true of school-board members).  Trump has taken and is taking full advantage of that.

Because of that, I’m writing to my senators to ask them what they think of raising the standards for those who run for the office of president.  I know it’s the last thing we have to worry about right now, but think about it — it’s part of what got us here.  It’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

Carter Page Again
Young Turks

This video was made back on April 5.

Whine your way out of this one

Brilliant article in the U.K. newspaper The Guardian

If it hadn’t been done already, this article should finally blow up the spurious and insistent Trump defense that all this Russiagate stuff is “fake news,” and that he and his staff have been the subject of “politically motivated surveillance” (never mind why he’s worried about that if it’s all fake news).

What this article reveals is that the investigation into Russiagate started long ago, in 2015….overseas, and by accident.  As in, Trump associates chattering with Russians were a kind of collateral capture by intelligence folk in the U.K. and other parts of Europe, and even some in the former eastern bloc.

This, along with the FISA warrant(s), makes it rather difficult for Trump to keep claiming that Obama had it in for him so he tapped his phone (and you’re worried about that because…).  It also makes it difficult for Carter Page to keep trying to claim that he’s the new MLK (yes, he said this).

More importantly, it goes toward proof of collusion.  It also proves that this has been going on far longer than just since March 2016.  In fact, it’s starting to sound like Russiagate had been planned for a long time.  As in conspiracy.

The only thing that shocks me here is the reluctance of the FBI (and even the CIA, although this is not their sphere) to engage in domestic spying even after they were tipped off by foreign intelligence that something very, very odd was happening.  I thought they had been spying with impunity since the Bush II, post 9/11 era.  Silly me.  But apparently it’s true; they just don’t want to get involved when there are U.S. citizens in the spyglass…unless, of course, it’s potential treason and merits a FISA warrant (looking at you, CARTER PAGE).

Something tells me Trump didn’t get that memo either, and that he won’t stop trying to blame everything on Obama.  After all, it plays well with the silly cows who still support him.  At least he isn’t stealing Page’s line about being the new MLK…yet.  Remember that Glenn Beck did that several years ago; it seems to be some sort of brain virus that affects right wingers.  I’m waiting for Trump to succumb any day now.

But anyway, Trump, you’re now officially living in a glass cage with the whole world looking in.  I’d stop throwing stones if I were you.

Carter Page Re-post

Big news about Carter Page (briefly a foreign policy advisor to Trump during the campaign) released yesterday was that he is the subject of a FISA warrant, and that that warrant has been renewed a few times.  I’d like to stress that FISA warrants are not handed out like candy.  They’re also top secret.  If someone leaked this info, it means that they had a solid reason to do so; it wasn’t a frivolous move.  It was more like a warning.

Because there is nothing for me to add I’d like to re-post a link to a Young Turks video that I posted here last week:  Carter Page.  Honestly, it’s all right there.  And it was out in public last week.  Yesterday’s revelation about the FISA warrant is just the frosting on the cake (you gotta admit that it’s some major frosting, though).

BTW I notice that there is some buzz on Twitter about a second FISA warrant floating around out there, and the subject is yet another member, or ex-member, of the Trump campaign team (or at least someone in Trump’s circle).

Meantime I notice the Republicans are again trying to make an issue of Susan Rice doing her job.  I suggest that every time you hear that, bring up Carter Page.  In fact, no matter what the distraction is, bring up Carter Page.