I have the answer!

Tim Tebow was born in 1929 (nope!  see the last sentence in this paragraph for an update) and is now the oldest quarterback in the collegiate ranks!  Why must he have been born before 1930?  Read this.   (1/31/10 update — Tim is even older than I thought.  Turns out that the total abortion ban in the Philippines has been in effect since 1870!)

Yep, that kid must be pushing 140 for sure.  Either that, or judging from the way it sounds, his mom and some doctor in the Philippines may be looking at a jail sentence for even thinking about aborting him.

Now, wasn’t there something in the Ten Commandments that said, “thou shall not bear false witness…?”  I thought so.  Looks like Tim’s mom had better re-read that sometime soon.  Meantime, if she’d like to stop by and pick up her Stupid of the Day Award…but no.  She’d have to share that with CBS and Focus on the Family.  I don’t have enough room here for all the stupid.