Wheels: Off

Once again it seems like the last of the wheels on the Sarah Palin caravan should be just about to fall off.  Every week lately seems to be a bad one for her, and in the past week alone, first there was Eargate and now this: Sarah Palin’s attack-dog, Meg Stapleton, has bailed off the careening bus.

Of course, the Stapleton part has been wrapped up in a pretty “retiring to be a full-time mom” package.  But regarding Eargate, which is the work of one of those intrepid Alaskan bloggers, there has apparently been silence.

What’s Eargate?  It’s the stepchild of Babygate.  What’s Babygate?  Sit down, this is going to be a long story.  It’s also one I’ve been trying to avoid repeating because (1) it isn’t proven although it definitely seems more likely to be true than what’s been presented as the truth, and (2) several Alaskan bloggers have been working on this story for a long time now, and although I give them all the credit in the world for their hard work at revealing a story that must be told (as this person they are investigating is trying hard to present herself as a combination perky paragon of personal perfection and soap opera queen, as if that were a qualification to be President), it is their story and not mine.  My only exclusive story about Sarah Palin is that I could smell something through the TV screen the first time I saw her, and was not surprised when a friend of mine with relatives in Alaska informed me that Ms. Palin was in fact not especially popular up there.

Anyway, back to the point…what are Babygate and Eargate?

Babygate — When most of us were introduced to Sarah Palin in the fall of 2008, we learned that earlier that year she had bravely and selflessly given birth to a Down Syndrome child.  It was lost on many that she had named that child after his condition (Trisomy G, which the Palins turned into “Trig”), which is rather cruel and unusual to start with, as if he were forever to be defined by his condition instead of his possibilities.

But then people started comparing pictures and time-lines, not to mention the “wild ride” birth story of Trig. Palin has alternately claimed that she flew across half the country and then some when she was (1) in the late stages of a high-risk pregnancy, and (2) prematurely in labor with a special-needs infant — and that she did not fly across the country while in labor (she has never denied flying while in the late stages of a high-risk pregnancy with a baby who would be in need of special care at birth).  Apparently the pictures show pretty conclusive evidence that she did not look convincingly pregnant at any time during 2008.   There’s more to the story, but I’ll leave it up to you to search the archives of the Alaska blogs (see the link in the second paragraph for a blog with links to nearly all of them, and see the sidebar on this page with links to Palingates and Immoral Minority), and Google.  There’s plenty of information out there.

And so this brings us to the more recent development: Eargate.

Huh? you say.  Well at first, so did I.  But it’s all right there, in pictures: Sarah’s little Trig is not just one baby, but at least two.  Either that, or he’s had some pretty serious plastic surgery.  You see, one of the Trig babies has perfect ears; the other has a very noticeable deformity.

Again, I won’t go into it extensively — read the blogs — but the upshot of these “gates” and many others is that if Sarah Palin didn’t have this weird, trance-like hold on enough people to shield her from reality, reality would have collapsed in on her months ago, leaving her no chance to whine that people were being mean to Trig because Sarah is embarrassed that he is — in her estimation — a “retard.”  In fact when an actress who is actually Down Syndrome-afflicted had the audacity to question Sarah’s handling of Trig, Palin’s well-trained zombie army called that actress a “bitch” and said she was being controlled by someone else.  Now, I ask you…who are the people calling Trig a retard?  Obviously they are not the ones Sarah wants you to think they are.  They are Rush Limbaugh and Sarah herself, as well as those poor blinkered darlings she has under her very Wizard-of-Oz-like spell.

Anyway, something else has now happened: tight on the heels of Eargate, Palin’s mouthpiece Meg Stapleton all of a sudden decided to go off and be a proper Christian full-time stay-at-home mom.  Just like that.  The timing is more than suspicious, but of course I’m sure we’re supposed to think that it is nothing more than coincidence instead of an explosion caused by one exposed lie too many.  Another wheel flying off, if you will.

There have been lot of sudden events like that in the Palin saga that, like I said, should have finished her off in the public eye, and lately they seem to be coming in bucket-loads week after week.  Many of them have been Palin’s own doing, such as her silly speeches and wonky interviews.  Well, come to think of it, all of them have been her doing.

But this latest news and the accompanying silence from the Palin camp gives me new hope that maybe, just maybe, this professional distraction is finally finished, and we can discard her silly self and move on to the real, very serious problems in this country.

Again, I’m grasping at anything I can.  But it gives me hope.