Fluffy Bunnies for Fox News!

Yahoo posted a video clip yesterday of some pretty blond, um…reporter...on Fox News interviewing one or two “outraged” college girls who support Palin and were foaming at the mouth about an unflattering cover picture of Palin — nose hairs and all, apparently — on the cover of Newsweek magazine. The pretty blond fumed that in contrast, the same magazine has often made Obama look like a “saint.”

As I remember, many saints were pretty damn ugly. And so is Obama. But you know something? It doesn’t matter a damn. It’s all a matter of opinion anyway; in fact, before the bottom fell out on the economy, I was just about to post about how fashion designers have made fashion passe’ by continuing to insist on creating runway shows full of identical anorexic, surly-looking 18 year olds wearing miniskirts. Someone, somewhere thinks this is new and lovely. I think it’s the same old thing I’ve been seeing for 40 years.

But I digress. All commentaries on looks aside…and they should BE ‘aside’ because they ARE ‘aside’…we have the economy on our minds, stupid. NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT SARAH PALIN’S NOSE HAIRS. Any imperfection on Sarah Palin, or anything ELSE about Sarah Palin, is about as big a deal as runways being once again full of the same old identical anorexic, surly-looking 18 year olds wearing miniskirts.

But since Fox News and this cute little blond nymphette reporter are so utterly concerned with such cotton-candy fluff, I’m getting together a campaign to send the pretty blond a box full of fluffy stuffed bunnies and a cheap plastic fiddle Little Miss Reporter can play while Rome burns (IF she’s not too afraid of breaking her nails while trying to play it).

Anyone with me?