Unleash Hell

Fact is that there’s enough dirt on Trump as we speak that he could be thrown out of office and convicted on a number of counts.  The only thing protecting him is an equally corrupt Congress.

Yes it’s fun to see the White House try to explain away Kushner’s requested back channel (several pundits call it outright espionage, since Kushner wanted not so much a back channel as a key to the front door of Russian facilities here in the States, so he could communicate with the Russians in Moscow privately).  It’s fun to see Trump’s supporters try to shrug at it all and divert attention to his “accomplishments.” (Yes?  Waiting…)

But the fact is that the rest of us already have Trump where we want him, and where he deserves to be — impotent (in a manner of speaking), and in deep, deep trouble.  It’s almost as if we need the Russia angle only for our amusement at this point.

Of course that’s not totally true.  We do need the Russia angle to get the most corrupt members of Congress out of the path first, clearing the way to Trump.  So I guess it is imperative to build a clear picture of who/what/where/when/why in terms of the undoubted Russian influence over much of Congress if you’re not willing to wait for the elections in November 2018 (and I honestly don’t think we can wait that long; international pressure is rising, as is frustration at home).

By the time we get to Trump himself, though…well, the deal is already done.  Even if no one proves to the Republicans’ satisfaction (and they won’t) that he ever laid his eyes on Kislyak, et. al., let alone became financially entangled with various highly-placed, phenomenally wealthy  Russians over a period of decades — apparently acting as their money-laundering machine, it now appears — we still have him.  He’s going down.

Rumor a month ago was that Trump would be gone by June 1, and I said that seemed overly optimistic.  Instead I’m judging by the twit Chaffetz’s impending departure from Congress, which is June 30.  I’m thinking real stuff, not just bombshell revelations, will start to happen after that.

(That said, it’s funny how these people seem to think they can avoid trouble by leaving town.  But I digress.)

Anyway, I’m thinking the real action will happen starting in July.  Maybe something’s already happening in the background, as Trump is appearing ever the more obese, unsteady, and senile.  We know he’s too weak a person to deliberately act ill in public (and he’s not that great of an actor, anyway), so maybe he’ll be forced out due to disability sometime over the summer.  Some pundits have predicted that he’d use this ruse to leave office with his head held high, but I think that for him, showing any sign of weakness would be such a massive blow to his ego that he just couldn’t do it.  I’m thinking he may have to be forced out by his own people — his behavior may finally get so weird that they will be compelled to do it.  We’re almost there now.

But there’s even more interesting stuff happening in that vein.  Over this past weekend one of the supposed White House leakers tweeted something to the effect that Trump and Bannon were going to spend Memorial Day promoting right-wing conspiracy theories about the tragic death of Seth Rich, but they were frightened into silence by the generals on the White House staff who threatened to “unleash hell” if they did so.  That’s fascinating on a number of levels, especially since both Mattis and McMaster have tarnished their badges by defending Trump in recent weeks.  It makes you wonder what’s going on in the background: Bannon and Trump were cowed by the generals?  Who really has the power in the White House now, and how would they actually “unleash hell” if crossed?  Did the generals threaten Trump with the 25th Amendment, knowing Pence (who already believes he is the next president) would go along with it?  Fascinating.

If this tweet was accurate, it makes it clear that the one with the power is not Trump.  So that much is already accomplished; the rest just needs to be solidified and executed.

Nothing will happen very soon, but you can leave this article with this thought: even if the threads of the Russia situation remain hopelessly frayed as far as the White House is concerned, every knot does not need to be tied.  The supposed powers that be there are already on the way out.  Take a big, deep breath.  Now it may get interesting.


General Hanky-Panky

I commented as I did earlier about the General Patraeus scandal because that was all the information I had — that he’d been caught having an affair and had resigned.  Now it turns out that he gave or was about to give some testimony to Congress or something that countered earlier testimony given by the administration about Benghazi.  Supposedly he was forced to resign by the powers-that-be because of that.  No, says the FBI, it’s because Patraeus’s paramour may have had access to classified information.  Ditto some other general named Allen, who is in a similar situation because of an affair (sort of).  That general was being considered to become NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander.

I still say it the whole thing sounds incredibly like Fox News fodder.  I am apparently not the only one who is astounded by this aspect of whatever is going on (and no one seems quite sure of that).  Still, affairs are evidently a violation of military law.  If that is true, it was a major case of Stupid by both generals.

Whatever happens, I hope Congress doesn’t use it as another excuse to be as paralyzed for the next 2 years as it has been for most of the past 4.

Further, let’s remember a couple of things: it was Congress that cut back on embassy security.  Also, there were many civilian attacks during the Bush Administration, only one of which led to this kind of consternation (September 11, 2001).

All in all, I hope the generals’ collective stupidity doesn’t become an excuse to indulge in impeachment proceedings (Obama), as Clinton’s zipper difficulties became an excuse to impeach and impeach again back in the 1990’s.  Heck, they still wanted to impeach him yet once again after he left office.  And what followed was one of the worst administrations in history in terms of this country’s economic health and its international standing.  They followed that with a House paralyzed by wild-eyed, woman-hating teabaggers who so loved zygotes that they forgot about feeding and educating actual children, among numerous other poisonous obsessions that had nothing to do with governance.

But still the Republicans want everyone to believe that they’re better at this defense and economy stuff.  They haven’t proven it.  And again, they’d better not take this as an opportunity to wallow endlessly in investigations and proceedings.  Rome is burning, kids.  Get to work and put the real fires out.