Why Am I Not Surprised

WI Gov. Scott Walker Funded by the Koch Brothers

After all, in one month flat this same wonderboy manufactured a budget crisis and tried to set unions against each other by targeting some for his draconian anti-worker measures while exempting others.  And then he threatened his own people with the National Guard, and is refusing to back down even in the face of a large and growing state-wide protest.

Meantime, I understand, Fox News is busy blaming Obama for the fact that pretty soon you will no longer be able to buy incandescent lightbulbs.  HUH?  you ask.  Yes, I answer — if it’s not Fox News, it’s definitely on the list of right-wing talking points at present and they’re definitely putting it out there, probably in a desperate attempt to divert attention from the fact that those pesky Koch brothers have popped up again, right in the middle of this latest teabagger power-drunk orgy.  I know this because an elderly, isolated relative who rarely steps out his door but always has the right-wing screamers on the radio blustered at me today, “Obama’s trying to save duh electrzity.”  Uh, yeah…duh.  What the hell does that mean…are teabaggers anti-electricity-conservation now because it involves ecology and they don’t believe in it?  (BTW, the Federal Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which mandates increased efficiency for certain lightbulbs, was signed into law — as the title says — in 2007.   Yes that’s TWO-THOUSAND SEVEN, before Obama was in office.)

Meantime, for those who haven’t noticed, Wisconsin’s on fire and all the teabags in the world can’t seem to smother this one, nor the fact that once again the Koch brothers are involved — this time bankrolling Wisconsin’s teabagger governor, who is the arsonist.  I think everyone should be deeply concerned and leave the goddamn incandescent lightbulbs where they belong, which is in the past.

P.S. — here’s a list of some of the products the Koch brothers’ companies produce: Koch Products.  Surprisingly, a quick glance doesn’t reveal any incandescent lightbulbs.  But for me, that’s the only surprise.