When the Levee Breaks

More hounds of hell today, lots of them; a near flood of them.  This is what happens, Trump, when you fire the one who is investigating you; only when you’re president, it also happens to everyone else in the country.

Today I woke up to news from Louise Mensch.  She said that beginning the very day Trump fired Comey, Senator Orrin Hatch started being given daily national security briefings.  Yeah, you read that right: President 101 classes, the same ones Trump thinks he is too smart for.

If this is indeed happening, it’s because Pence is as dirty as Trump and cannot be president, nor can Paul Ryan with his (alleged) upcoming RICO issues.  That brings us to Hatch, president pro tem of the Senate.  Of course, right away someone else on Twitter chimed in and claimed that Hatch has accepted laundered Russian money as donations, to the tune of about $65,000.  So who knows; we could even end up with General Mattis.  But right now it’s apparently Hatch.

And why would the powers-that-be suddenly be feeling emboldened to quietly appoint a president-in-waiting?  Because, it turns out, Trump is now under indictment for RICO violations.  It’s a sealed indictment and can come to nothing if Trump is not impeached, but evidently that’s being worked on as well.  There’s apparently enough dirt clinging to various Republican members of Congress (and the entire Republican party) to sway at least a few of them, if only to save their own sorry asses.

Our European allies are whispering in our IC’s ears and offering quiet help and information.  That must be the dull roar I hear in the background, or it just could be the distant levee breaking from so much rain.  Day after day after day there’s been more and more, drip, drip, drip.

A song kept running through my head all day; I referenced it above.  It’s “When the Levee Breaks,” (Kansas Joe McCoy, Memphis Minnie, 1929), as performed by Led Zeppelin.  If you’ve never heard this version, it’s bone-crushingly heavy, matching the mood of the day.  One imagines the sound of a tank crushing the proverbial china shop.

The lyrics, which are about a Mississippi River flood in the 1920’s, are nothing if not prescient:

If it keeps on raining, levee’s going to break
If it keeps on raining, levee’s going to break
When the levee breaks, have no place to stay…
Cryin’ won’t help yuh, cryin’ won’t do you no good, no
Cryin’ won’t help yuh, cryin’ won’t do you no good
When the levee breaks, mama you got to move
…Going down, going down now, going down, down, down…

Interestingly this version of the song was recorded during the Nixon years, at just before the point where the levee of that time was about to break.  I have a feeling we’re in such a time again.

If you listen hard enough, you can hear the distant roar and the baying of the hounds.  But then at the next moment, you think you may be imagining it and you’re lost in a fog again with that ceaseless drip, drip, drip as your constant companion.

And that’s the problem; we’ve all had enough; we can’t take any more phantoms.  Let it be real this time.


Finally some blog-worthy news! Tuned into the Internet this morning just in time to find out that my least-favorite governor, Rod Blagojevich, had been arrested on corruption charges just minutes before.

Note to the Feds: where the hell have you been?

Actually to their credit, the Feds have been investigating Blags for years. It’s just that until now, all the indictments that fly around like snowflakes in Illinois have either missed him entirely or melted when they hit too close. Must have been all that hot air. This time it seems to be different — but the way things go in this state, we’ll all have to sit back and watch for at least the next 2 years before we find out.

Meantime the state Republicans — and probably those in the federal government as well, since Obama’s name has come up in this matter, however tangentially — will be chortling, ignoring the fact that one of their own, the predecessor of Blags as governor of Illinois, is currently cooling his aged jets in the penitentiary. He was convicted on corruption charges just a few years ago.

Anyway, my only hope is that Blags does the honorable thing and leaves Illinois with an exceptional Christmas present — his resignation. But I am hoping for a miracle. The man hasn’t done an honorable thing in memory. For that matter, neither has the Illinois legislature, which is our only other hope of getting rid of Blags any time soon. (Unfortunately, the Illinois constitution does not allow for recalls, and a referendum for a constitutional convention, part of the point of which was apparently to address the subject of recalls, was defeated in the November election.)

In thinking of the legislature, it comes to mind that one suburban mayor in Illinois, Nicholas Blase of Niles, recently pleaded guilty and resigned from his office of 47 years, having been arrested by the FBI a few years ago on an insurance-fraud scheme. From the time he was charged to the time he pleaded guilty (about 2 years), the subject of removal from office never came up. The rumor is that the town’s powers-that-be were too afraid that if they made efforts to get rid of Blase, he’d expose them. So they were, and are, quiet — and will remain so, because apparently some offices of the town’s government are still under investigation.

So it’s going to be a while before anything actually happens in either case. Stay tuned…