Keith Olbermann says it all here and here.

Too bad the censors would have been all over him if he had used the actual language that is strong enough to be appropriate regarding this abomination of a health care “reform” bill.

As it is, though, I second Olbermann in calling Lieberman a whore.  Actually that word is too good for this asshole.  I wish Liebermann nothing but the worst.  My message to him: May you ROT, Mr. Lieberman.  I don’t even think I hated Dick Chaney as much as I hate you, and that’s a pretty hard thing to achieve.  Go to hell, Lieberman, if they will have you.

Oh, by the way I DIDN’T VOTE FOR YOU but I CAN HELP END YOUR SORRY CAREER.  I’ll join every anti-Lieberman organization I can, even give money I really can’t afford to give to those organizations in the effort to end your sorry career.  Now go away and rot. 

If nothing else, judging by his actions over the past decade, Lieberman appears to be extremely unstable, a la Sarah Palin.  That makes him unfit for office.  In that case, here’s another message: time for a rest, darling.  Or if you want, you can just crawl under a rock and rot.  Whatever you do, get the hell out of our faces.

Back to the subject of what this whore has foisted on us, I’m also with Olbermann when he says “no sale.”  As in (if you have not watched the videos yet): NO PUBLIC OPTION, NO MANDATORY HEALTH INSURANCE.  PERIOD.  Fucking PERIOD.

The bitch Karen Ignoramous and all the rest do NOT deserve our money, they do NOT deserve a permanent government bail-out, and they do NOT deserve to, in effect, levy taxation without representation on the people of the U.S.

Get it?  No Lieberman.  No Ignoramous.  NO SALE.

Just to try to calm down, here’s some humor to indulge in (click on name):



Karen Ignoramous Gets Her B*%@h Out

I once said that Karen Ignoramous’s foot was always prettily pedicured and in her mouth (see this, and remember it could happen to you). 

Now I have proof.  The health insurance industry, which Ignoramous so aptly represents behind closed doors in Congressmen’s offices, does not enjoy one bit of trust from the public.  But yet it is going ahead and spending millions on ads trying to scare seniors with “possible implications” of healthcare reform, and I’m afraid it will find an audience amongst those seniors who are more afraid of the black man in the White House than they are of an insurance industry that, if allowed, could and would drive them bankrupt without batting an eyelash. 

Me to the seniors: the health insurers are lying to you.  There is no more need to trust them about this than there has been about anything else.  Turn off your TV set and read a book or take a walk or something if you think you’ll get scared. 

Yes, Karen is pretty scary to look at, but that’s not the point here.  She won’t be in the ads.  The one good thing about her job is that it keeps her pretty much out of a place where we have to look at her.  That would be enough to make us all sick.  No, instead she sneaks around in the hallways of Congress, looking, I imagine, like the Grim Reaper — which is actually quite accurate.

But the point is that she knows the targets to pick for her propaganda, just like Fox News does.  And seniors, she’s picked you.  Don’t fall for it.  If you do, and you get all upset and side with the anti-healthcare crowd, the politicians will be afraid to send Karen packing, and all we’ll get will be more of the same crap that we’ve had for decades.

What’s more of the same?  Get this: the health insurance industry is threatening to raise premiums sky-high if health-insurance reform is passed — not that the premiums are affordable as it is, and also were already rising out of control for years before this threat was made this week.

In short, the health insurance industry is threatening the American public.

And I say, let them.  Why?  Because raising their premiums even faster than they already have been doing will quickly put them out of business and out of the picture.  And it will prove the need for a national health insurance plan.  After all, treating healthcare as a for-profit business is what got us into this mess in the first place.  Any abrupt, enormous raise in health insurance premiums will just stress that point.

Like I said, Karen Ignoramous is a stupid bitch who was bound to overplay her hand sooner or later, and now she’s done it.  She’s a bully; she can’t help herself.  Bitch, bully and stupid go together — and don’t think that “stupid” might keep her from pulling this feat off, because the fact is that in this society the combo of bitch, bully and stupid can carry a girl pretty far (I know; I used to work for one; she’s still there and I’m not). 

That’s possibly the harshest thing I’ve ever said about anyone on this blog (except for Palin and Blagojevich, who hardly count), but I’m going to let it stand because Ignoramous deserves it.  She ought to be ashamed of herself, but I suspect she lacks the capacity.

The fact is, she is a perfect representative of the the industry that pays her megabucks to bully us.  And I’ve personally had enough of bullies running around wasting all that premium money not on healthcare, but on a creature like Karen Ignagni.  I’ve already said once that if health insurance (and the pharmaceutical industry) in this country were not woefully in need of reform, this thing called Ignagni would not have a job.  The fact that they’re now also wasting your premiums on ads to scare seniors just increases the outrage aspect.

Again, don’t fall for it.  Let this stupid, bullying bitch put herself and her kind out of business.

Here’s a brilliant commentary on the health insurance industry and what gave them the audacity to threaten us all.  (Hint: it wasn’t clear thinking.)

Let’s Save the Status Quo!

Actually I stole that line from the end of a new set of lyrics applied to The Battle Hymn of the Republic, which is sung in this video, which I lifted from The Immoral Minority, who got it from Shannyn Moore’s blog…but actually, a lot of credit goes to Rachel Maddow, who broadcast it in the first place. 

However, to bring it all to a point, visit Billionaires for Wealthcare.  They’re the geniuses who came up with this brilliantly-disguised (if you’re not too brilliant, that is) counter-protest.

I guess it’s not funny to make fun of the stupid and the brainwashed, but at this point — too bad.

I admit I want this video in particular to become viral.  Pass it on to whomever you please…especially if that person is a wingnut.  Kiddo, it’s worth the laugh.

And while everyone’s watching, can we come to an answer to this question: why wouldn’t any of these proper conservative dummies give that kid a time out — at least?

Why we need a public option

Taken from “Let’s Talk About Healthcare Around the Advanced World”, quoted from a column by Paul Krueger:

If we were starting from scratch we probably wouldn’t have chosen this route. True “socialized medicine” would undoubtedly cost less, and a straightforward extension of Medicare-type coverage to all Americans would probably be cheaper than a Swiss-style system. That’s why I and others believe that a true public option competing with private insurers is extremely important: otherwise, rising costs could all too easily undermine the whole effort.

My correction: “rising costs WILL all too easily undermine the whole effort.”  With the pending rejection of a public option for health insurance, this whole healthcare reform thing is about to turn into the new COBRA. 

As I have frequently mentioned, COBRA is a remnant of a past healthcare reform effort.  Before anyone tries to rewrite history, it was enacted during the administration of Bush Sr. —  not Clinton, who never managed to enact any healthcare-reform legislation whatsoever as far as I know, unless it was some small amendment to COBRA. 

I mention this because the wingnuts’ history rewriting efforts started in earnest during the Clinton administration.  I remember overhearing two conservative-coiffed, business-suited old ladies whispering loudly together in a store during that period, that “Clinton’s healthcare had “ruined (their grown children’s) lives.”    As they stage-whispered they eyed me suspiciously, certain that I was some foul liberal determined to undermine their Constitutional right to be idiots. 

While I didn’t say anything, I remember thinking, “what the hell was that all about?”  Because, you see, Hillary Clinton had just tried and utterly failed to get Congress to do anything at all about healthcare.  And after she did, the same wretched system dragged on and on through Bill Clinton’s administration and then the lesser Bush administration with no change in sight.  Lives were lost as insurance was lost when jobs went overseas in search of cheaper labor.  Meantime, healthcare prices spiraled completely out of control.  Apparently these are now referred to as the “good old days.”

Anyway, as I said, COBRA never worked very well and was finally forced, with only a few vital signs still apparent, into a shallow grave by private insurers’ combined efforts.  As I remember, first they tried to gut it by trimming post-employment insurance policies down to the bare bones and charging higher rates to the ex-employed that they charged the still-employed. 

Then, when the act was modified to stop this, the insurers simply doubled or quadrupled the already inflated premiums.  Nowadays, while I can’t find any actual figures on who can afford COBRA, my guess is that it may be less than half of those who find themselves between jobs.  Too often the expense of COBRA eliminates the possibility of eating and/or paying the mortgage or the rent, and when it comes down to it, eating and keeping a roof over one’s head sort of tends to take priority over things like physicals, care for chronic ailments, and/or the 7 warning signs of cancer.

Oh, and there’s another thing — COBRA only helps those who are between jobs for a relatively brief time.  I think it’s now up to 18 months; it used to be less than a year if I recall correctly.  And private insurers use it as an excuse to reject those who have not yet found another job, taking away the option of purchasing private insurance during that period.  Not that that is much of an option for the vast majority of us, anyway.

So overall, COBRA bites.  The concept was great, since at the time it was enacted, people between jobs frequently went without insurance for a long time, often extending for up to six months after they had finally landed new positions.  There were countless horror stories about uninsured people becoming ill from the stress of being jobless, or finding new jobs only to become ill before they were eligible for insurance from their new employers, losing both the new jobs and any chance of having insurance at the same time.  COBRA has alleviated that somewhat, but not nearly enough.  The insurance companies have placed too high a price on it for it to be the help it was supposed to be.

So indeed, before the private health insurers strangled it, COBRA was a good idea for those who are not self-employed (it has never addressed the chronic insurance problems of enterpreneurs).  You can have no doubt that these same nice insurers will do the same to any healthcare reform that is enacted unless there is a public option so people can opt out of dealing with their shenanagans.

Some other thoughts: the lack of a public option renders U.S. workers uncompetitive with workers in countries where there is a public option or at least a lot of governmental regulation of the private healthcare industry.  It makes us too expensive  Moreover, (and somewhat ironically) it also makes us all into wage slaves by discouraging many people from starting their own businesses. 

Kinda runs counter to the American Dream, doesn’t it?  Ironically, that’s what we’re actually talking about here.  So if you’re a wingnut and have been convinced that a public option will be the end of the U.S. as we know it, just consider this: the U.S. as it is isn’t the U.S. as it is supposed to be.  Our founding fathers were more than a bit anti-corporation and abhorred the idea of wage slavery (for upper-crust white men, that is). 

If looking at it through the eye of history doesn’t change your view, then you are hopelessly in the control of the Fat Man and Fox News, and there is nothing anyone can do to save you.  Enjoy your private health insurance, (if you can pay for it), until you lose your job.  Cheers.

Healthcare reform: okay I’ll try to be civil. Or maybe not.

For the record, no, I do not wholeheartedly support healthcare reform as it currently stands.

One reason for this is that Illinois’ own spineless political puppet, Dick Durbin, is poised to reject the “public option” just to get the bill passed.  The other reason is that Prez Obama has already slopped the pigsty of Big Pharma, guaranteeing them they can still charge Grandpa $10,000 a shot for a certain chemotherapy drug whether he has the money or not. (And if he doesn’t? Oh well.  He can die).  The rest of us can still pay up to $40.00 for a single pill of whatever to manage our health woes, whether we can or not.  That’s what’s happening right now, prior to any healthcare reform, and because of what Obama did it will continue to happen even if there is healthcare reform.

It’s called healthcare rationing, the free market version.  Health insurance companies are famous for it, but most people are less familiar with the pharmaceutical companies’ role.  Be assured that it is a major role, not a walk-on.

Big Pharma’s excuse?  They say they need the money to do research for more and better drugs.  Well, let’s see.  As it presently stands, their allocation of funds for research has actually decreased while their profits have increased; apparently the money is going toward creating designer drugs that dye eyelashes, and toward buying television airtime to promote band-aids for everything from high cholesterol to body aches.  Oh, and most of their research sucks. 

The famous Dr. Weil has recently chimed in and said that the whole problem with the bill is that there is nothing in it that supports wellnessWhat Dr. Weil of all people should know is that modern medicine has never addressed wellness.  It is strictly about an aggressive approach to illness and injury.  We are not looking at an overhaul of philosophy here (any attempt to promote “wellness” is just going incite the wingnuts to riot, anyway; the Fat Man has already been complaining about possibly being deprived or Oreo cookies by those awful liberal food police). 

What we need is an overhaul of access.  Right now, access is limited because affordability is almost nonexistent.  A “public option” may help that somewhat.  Wellness is something we can address once we’re comfortable in the thought that if and when wellness fails, aggressive medicine will be both available and affordable.

Dr. Weil should also be told that the actual problem is that Senator Durbin and other people in his position are obviously having their puppet strings pulled by some hospital group, or Big Pharma, or the insurance industry, or maybe even the salivating wingnuts.  President Obama has not fared much better by caving in to Big Pharma’s money demands, although to his credit he has yet to make Karen Ignagni entirely happy. 

What we seem destined to end up with here is another COBRA.  Remember COBRA?  The bridge between employer heath plans that collapsed into a money pit?

My message to Washington is “don’t do it again.”  We may not be the ones disrupting town hall meetings with incoherent screams and slapping people in the face, nor would we consider it.  But we’re watching you nonetheless.

The wingnuts are not getting their way, so they are going to kill the rest of us

 Sorry about the ungainly heading.  I couldn’t think of any better way to put it.

Having pretty much failed on their tea-party scheme, the wingnuts have entered a new phase.  See this for details — although the details are being reported wherever you look at the moment. 

Of course, at some level they realize their behavior is uncalled for.  When a wingnut realizes this, a conspiracy theory is born (same as with far-left liberals).  After all, nothing is their fault, not even their own behavior.  I can’t wait to hear what they’ll come up with, but it will be something to the effect that the “left” hired some idiots to go to town hall meetings and scream about a subject they know nothing about — healthcare.  No matter if these allegedly hired hands are merely repeating shit they heard from Fox News and the Fat Man.  Why is this being done?  To make the “right” look bad.  No matter that the “right” is the group putting these odd ideas into people’s heads to start with.  Oh, and don’t forget Sarah Palin, who now is apparently claiming that Obama is going to personally kill her Down-syndrome child/grandchild with his own hands if healthcare reform is enacted.  This is all, of course, about her, regardless of which planet it is that she’s actually from.

There’s only good thing I can see coming of the paid-protester movement, no matter who is paying them — maybe, just maybe, the Fat Man and his type will finally be held responsible for all this right-wing bile.  After all, they are the ones on record actually inciting and supporting the violence (or at this point, threatened violence).  But it will take a lot of actual violence for it to come to that, because after all, the Fat Man and the rest are right-wing whack jobs.  This means that they have more freedom of speech than the rest of us — in fact, that kind demands it at the expense of the rest of us.  They usually don’t get investigated by the FBI quite so quickly as do perceived left-wingers.  I think they’re banking on that. 

Here’s my own note to the wingnuts: if you support the “protesters,” you are supporting Karen Ignagni.  You are not supporting your mom or dad or spouse or brother or sister or neighbor, or anyone else who is just one breath away from a heath crisis and possible bankruptcy.  Just keep that in mind.

Health care cannot continue down the same road it’s been on in the U.S.  It is costing us in terms of jobs and competitiveness.  Even if you don’t care about the human cost, think about that.  It’s a business  cost.  It is something even your favorite saintly Wall Street banker should understand very well…or would if he were actually a good businessman.

I’m afraid if you’re not with us on this one, you’d just better hope that your best asset — your asshole — doesn’t rot.  Your health insurance might not cover it.  That is, if you have heath insurance.

An army of Ignoramuses

See this to learn what the title is referring to (except that they don’t mention Karen Ignoramus here):

and this (which discusses the absolute truth that I wish were mentioned more often):