Note to Letterman: that was stupid anyway.

David Letterman seems to have a thing for pretty young (adult) things.  That’s okay; lots of middle-aged guys seem to get this idea that all they need is a sweet pretty young thing that they can train to wait on them hand and foot, and give them lots of sex, even though they themselves may no longer be able to keep up with having lots of sex, and everything will be just dandy.  It’s been going on forever, and nowadays some middle-aged women are starting to get delusional like that as well.

Where I draw the line, however, is making sexual remarks about 14-year-olds.  EDIT: it’s now apparent that the Palin camp chose to misinterpret what Letterman said and are now getting maximum mileage out of it by hinting that Letterman is a pedophile.  Turns out he was talking about their 18-year-old rather than their 14-year-old.  I object anyway; the remark was tasteless.  But I am not surprised that the Palins are exploiting the situation, which is the point of this post. 

The world is about Sarah Palin, after all, isn’t it.  Poor Sarah!  Those mean liberals are picking on her!!!  Let’s boycott Letterman’s sponsors!  That’ll show ’em!!!!  Sarah’s daughter will soon be forgotten in the hubub.  All that will matter is sticking it to those all-powerful liberals, as if they didn’t have the bullet-proof Fat Man to do that for them already, or maybe Weiner, or maybe one of a host of other right-wing whackjob radio jaws who seem to say whatever they want to say without getting into much trouble, even though Weiner keeps trying to invent trouble for himself.

I do honestly object to sexualizing and abusing young girls.  This is not a recent invention; I’ve said it here before.  It’s also happened before.  Remember Chelsea Clinton?

Not many of the remarks directed at Chelsea by the Republicans were so overtly sexual in nature, but they were cruel, abusive and sexist nonetheless.  Consider this one:

“Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.”

Source?  John McCain, 1998.  Granted, Clinton was 18 at the time, but remarks of this nature had been made about her since the beginning of her father’s presidency.  Based on crap like that, and the fact that no Republican at the time ever suffered much, or at all, for making remarks like that, I could advocate that David Letterman not be censured for making offensive remarks about Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter.  Let them fight crap with crap for a change.  To their credit, Democrats have been doing that lately.  But enough is enough.  Let’s leave the kids out of it.  All issues of morality aside, the simple fact is that they didn’t ask to be born into all this.

If nothing else, don’t give Sarah Palin any more excuses to grab publicity.  Her 15 minutes were up months ago, but she seems not to have gotten the news, much the same as she has not realized that thinking she can see Russia from her backyard does not make her a stateswoman.  And so what we’re dealing with now is hopefully John McCain’s last cruel joke: Palin herself.  Over and over and over.  When idiots like Letterman make stupid remarks like that she pops up yet again, just like Whack-a-Mole.  Traps don’t work, rubber mallets don’t work, the computer mouse doesn’t even work.  She just won’t go away.

So who do you think you are, David Letterman — Rush Limbaugh?  Only he can spew crap like this and get away unscathed, and that’s only because the members of the Republican Party – some of whom have now actually recently begun to get in trouble for making remarks like that — are afraid of him and his army of delusionals, who do not seem get in real trouble for anything at all.  You are merely among the rest of us who don’t enjoy that protection.  And now, because of you, we have Sarah Palin grabbing as many headlines as she can once again and the wingnuts are in orbit once again. 

Enough.  David Letterman, to you I give the Stupid of the Day award.