Multiplying Stupid

A job applicant told me yesterday that she earns $10.00 an hour at one of those jobs where if you don’t punch in, you don’t get paid.  Now faced with the spectre of the “Make Work Pay” program, her employer is slashing her hours and cutting the wages of others because “our employees are now earning more because of the Make Work Pay program**, so they don’t need the money,” and, “if we don’t do this, our workers will be in a higher tax bracket.***”  And oh yes…after all that came the inevitable, “the economy is bad.****”

I don’t have time to write much more today, but maybe I don’t have to.  However, to clear up any confusion, see the asterisks corresponding to the statements above and here *****.  I did this to help make the reader aware of how stupid multiplies.  It’s kind of like a herd of rather silly rabbits.

**According to my information, the Make Word Pay tax credit doesn’t actually go into effect until June of 2009.

***People earning $10.00 an hour are unlikely to have to worry much about being in a higher tax bracket.

****It is my understanding that employers are not actually paying their employees more as a result of this tax credit; the government is.  That means that this claim, however accurate, has absolutely nothing to do with anything regarding the Make Work Pay tax credit.

*****An aside to those who are still befuddled by this post: I am not faulting the Obama Administration’s idea here.  I am faulting the moron(s) who employ that poor woman, because I suspect that this is just the start of attempts by wingnuts to discredit the program and get people mad at Obama.  Sorry for any confusion.