McCain Strikes Out

You can’t say you didn’t guess this:

Cindy McCain to get post in Trump State Department

And this was posted by The Hill — the publication that posted the news about Cindy McCain — on the same day as the Cindy story:

McCain Strikes Back

This is what is called planting a story to try to minimize the facts.  And the facts can be boiled down to this: McCain, who has been alternating between putting on a show of being anti-Trump, and doing things like going incoherent at a Senate (was it Intelligence or Judiciary?) Committee hearing into Trump’s Russia ties, has been bought off by Trump and is trying to hide it.  Either that or he has Russian ties of his own (almost definitely true; see link below) and is trying to deflect attention from them.

What this means is that when he says anti-Trump stuff, folks, it’s all for show and this is why Trump doesn’t tweet insults about him.  (As mentioned above, it’s also rumored that McCain has Russia ties — surprised?)

Next up is Lindsey Graham, who has displayed a similar behavior pattern to McCain; in fact, he joined up with McCain right after Trump was elected to project a “tough” front of resistance.  He’s been alternating between trash-talking and sweet-talking Trump ever since.

Can’t wait to see what Trump’s got on him.

Page the Flynn-flam man

In the past week focus in Russiagate has swung wildly from zeroing in on Carter Page, who not only keeps incriminating himself during interviews, but apparently also transmitted to the Russians some recording of Trump asking the Russians to help with his campaign, (and this coincided with Trump publicly asking the Russians to hack Clinton’s emails during a Presidential debate*), back to Michael Flynn, who accepted money from foreign governments even after being told not to.  Apparently in addition to other investigations of Flynn (one of which the White House is obstructing by refusing to release certain documents), the Pentagon is also now investigating him.  All of which means that it sucks to be Michael Flynn right now.

One wonders when the focus will shift back to Manafort, who we have not heard a whole lot about in a while.  And how about Giuliani?  He was supposed to be in handcuffs at least 2 weeks ago.  Haven’t heard a word lately.

As for Nunes, he’s disappeared for the time being.  Chaffetz keeps speaking in mazes and hasn’t taken leave yet, it seems (guess that tootsie wasn’t so sore after all).  McCain and Graham were full of shit to begin with.  Burr has had an ethics complaint brought against him.  And it goes on and on and on, and almost everyone in Congress whose behavior has been weird has R-(state) after their name.  A few, like Nunes and Chaffetz, have gone downright squirrelly, but according to them we’re supposed to believe that nothing is wrong.  Sing along with them: “It’s just another day in paradise,” and go happily about your business.  At least, that’s what they’d like you to do.

Put all this together and I have just one piece of advice to help sort it out: it’s not just one person who is the key to this.  It’s ALL of them.  (Otherwise how did they all end up in one administration, and one Republican Congress, together at the same time?Add to that at least 4 decades of Republican-party corruption and you have your answer.

And then there’s Comey.  The only thing I can say for him is that Obama stuck by him, and I trusted Obama.  But I can also say that Comey’s dragging his feet…or is he?  Word has it that there are two Russiagate grand juries in progress, and one is nearly done with its work (since all the news last week was about Flynn, I’m guessing this grand jury was focusing on something related to him).  Stay tuned.  In the end it may turn out that Comey sacrificed his reputation for the sake of the Republic, but that sounds a bit too melodramatic to believe.  Still, Obama stuck by him — and Trump has made at least one threat to fire him.  To me, that says a lot.

Once again, to anyone feeling lost and confused, all I can advise is never lose sight of the fact that just about everyone on the Trump administration has Russian connections, and so do an awful lot of other people in the Republican party.  This will get you through all these wild changes of focus on the part of the investigations and in the media.

It will also help you deal with any attempted distractions thrown out by Trump or others in his circle, and those are pitched out almost daily.  Never expect to read about any of that here because I can pride myself on being almost immune.  Not that I won’t slip up now and then; I will (and I already have).  But keep this in mind: if you don’t read about it here eventually, it’s a distraction.  Don’t bother with it.

*I’d like to point out once again that not only did Trump publicly ask the Russians to hack Clinton’s emails, but at the last debate, when his poll numbers were in the toilet and we were all looking forward to Madame President, Trump stated that we should just hand him the election now.  Somehow no one seems to remember this anymore, but I do, and I believe he said it because he knew the election was fixed.  Also remember how from October on he kept crying about the election being fixed in Clinton’s favor.  Just always keep in mind that Trump is nearly transparent.  Whatever he whines that someone else is doing (and they’re usually not), you can bet he’s doing himself.  As in, he knew what the Russians were up to, AND he asked them to do it.

P.S. It’s now Sunday, the beginning of week 3, and no one has been arrested.

Quite simply the best post I’ve ever read about Sarah Palin. Period.

It’s here.  (Click on “here” for the link….well maybe not, or maybe so.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.)

It’s not only a brilliant analysis of the disaster that almost was, but also of the 60,000,000 or so who voted for the McCain/Palin (or Palin/McCain) ticket, and of the Repug party, McCain himself, the Democrats, and almost everything else that happened in 2008…and since, for that matter.

I have to add that unless there is some dramatic turnaround, I am no longer worrying about Palin ever becoming President.  Even some of the slack-jaws at Fox News seem to be taking pot-shots at her — no surprise is that the megalomaniac Glenn Beck is among them.  And that brings me to the point:

Glenn Beck quite inadvertently highlighted the lie that Palin told us when she complained about how meeeeaaaaan Katie Couric was to ask that damn “gotcha” question: what do you read?  (What?  Pit-Bull Barbie is afraid of a lil’ ol question?)  Couric didn’t get much of an answer, possibly because there isn’t much of an answer.  Ditto for Beck when he asked Palin who her favorite founding father was.  She just sat there like a deer in headlights, hedging for several moments about liking them all before settling on George Washington, who technically wasn’t among them.

I’m sure she has cried “gotcha question” about that by now, but heck…when even the Teabag Network is asking simple questions that you can’t answer, Honey, then you’d better start looking in the mirror for the problem and stop whining about everyone else.  And the problem here is that Palin is dumb.  Just plain dumb.  She has lived her whole life depending on being a pretty girl and a nasty little bully, but as Bush showed us, in the end it’s not enough to make a good President (although I admit he may have done better if he’d had even a shred of the “pretty girl” part).  No amount of plastic surgery is going to cover up the fact that Palin’s brain is largely nonfunctional, and neither is being nasty and whiny whenever her feelings get hurt — which is, by the way, something that happens quite a lot to Presidents.

It’s time to give it up, but I wager she won’t.  And so the possibility of her running for President still looms.  She is, after all, firmly associated with a group of broadcasters — Beck, Hannity, Coulter, the Fat Man, Weiner, and others — who are apparently the only people in the U.S. who have complete freedom of speech.  The Fat Man in particular has routinely said a lot of things that have ended the careers of other broadcasters who were dumb enough to say the same things — and he’s still there, puffing away on both ends on the radio, totally untouched.  A classic bully.  Just like Palin, only she’s not as good at it yet. 

With Palin once in a while the barbs hit some skin, and as I said, her skin is notoriously flimsy.  Doubt it?  Then ask her which is her favorite article of the Bill of Rights, or something like that, and let us know what her reaction is once she gets past the glassy-stare part.  Then listen very closely to what she says about you later.  This is a woman who will never get past the notion that being pretty and squeaking “pro life” and “faimlee values” and babbling about God in a cutesy, horrendous accent are enough to make a good President.  And you can betcha she gets damn angry –  no AINgree — whenever anyone exposes the truth.

Because Palin is so dumb, someone recently pointed out that if she actually ran for President the event would be a source of endless comedy.  I agree.  And I also now agree that there’s no way she’d be elected without a Teabag army threatening everyone who entered the polls.  Not that that couldn’t happen, but it probably won’t.

So I’m no longer terribly worried about her doing any real damage.  But am I annoyed?  Yes — but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.  To get to the bottom of that one, I guess I’d have to understand why McCain put her on his Presidential ticket, and there seems to be no answer for that at all.

What the hell were you screaming at McCain for?

Apparently some wingnut babe who was shrieking without stop at John McCain during a healthcare town hall meeting was escorted out of the meeting, probably shrieking all the way.

Like everything else about the healthcare astroturf crowd, this incident made no sense.  McCain is the de facto leader of the Party of No — the one that opposes heathcare (I should add “reform” to that, but such an addition indicates an assumption that we actually have a viable healthcare system to start with, and we really don’t).

Anyway, for all those who tuned into this blog to read my post about Barney Frank, apparently assuming that I would castigate him for being nasty to that wingnut bimbo who disrupted his town hall meeting (and then, when they read the post, found out otherwise — and also that she was a left wingnut), I present this incident.  To me it only proves the point that if you’re going to scream about something, it helps to study it a bit first — and also, that this sort of behavior is not acceptable in any setting.  Break out the Valium, will yuh?  Oh, I’m sorry.  Did you just say you don’t have insurance, or was it that your insurance company won’t pay for Valium?

Just another day in la-la land

Apparently Sarah Palin now feels that the day-to-day grind of being governor of Alaska will hinder her from running for President.  All hints of a forthcoming indictment and/or scandal aside, this is the only possibility that strikes me as a plausible reason for her resignation. 

Unfortunately for her, in the real world having quit the day-to-day grind of being governor with just under half a term left to go will hinder one in running for President.  We kinda like our Presidents to stick around, even when we don’t like our Presidents.  Walking off a governor’s job in mid-term kinda sets off alarms in a lot of people’s heads, yuh know?  Even AWOL George stuck around, although he managed to be on vacation for a total of 3 of the 8 years he was in office.

If she had been in her second term, perhaps it would have been okay.  Or maybe not: we here in Illinois recently had a governor who was in his second term and refused to quit even after being indicted, arrested, and impeached.  Now that’s Presidential-style sticktoittiveness, but Blagojevich is never going to be President in this lifetime.  He’s a Democrat.  They don’t get to make as many mistakes as Republicans, and Blags has, at this point, actually exceeded the Republican allowance.

Anyway, Palin wasn’t even a second-termer.  This was a freshman governor.  This was someone who had a new and shinier bauble dangled before her and decided to bat at it, like a kitten who abandons a bowl of milk to chase a piece of metallic string around.  Or even Michael Jackson, who thought no one should notice that he’d had extensive plastic surgery and also that his skin was no longer black.  Of course, Jackson didn’t have the wingnuts to guard him, nor was he a politician, so he was inherently less dangerous.  On the other hand, Palin in La-La-Land could spell real doom for those of us out here in the real world.  There are just enough wingnuts — about 30 million of them — to make this a possibility.  And that’s frightening. 

Even if that thought doesn’t scare you, consider this: these people have been trying to foist their version of reality on the 270,000,000 rest of us (not to mention the rest of the world) for the better part of 30 years.  Look where it’s got us.  We have people out in public insisting that what they say is reality even if it’s clearly a lie, and we have lots of other people supporting them.  Meantime, our economy has fallen apart, the population has exploded, and the environment has continued to deteriorate.  But apparently we’re only supposed to care about abortion, Grey Poupon, Obama’s birth certificate, beer.

In the wacky world of  right-wingnuts, that’s the priority of things.  So quitting your job without having much of a track record in that job, just because you want a better job is perfectly okay as long as Sarah Palin does it.  She is, after all, anti-choice.  Anyone who finds her behavior both odd and enlightening — as in that it reveals her true self — is obviously a liberal (bad!) and is being mean to poor Sarah (badder!).

On the other hand, if Hillary Clinton had done such a thing, she’d be an unpatriotic liberal “feminazi” bitch who was so ambitious that she didn’t care about her consituency and only cared about glory, never mind her zipper-addled husband and ugly daughter which just make her worse.  She kills people too you know, and eats unborn babies in ceremonies conducted by lesbian witch covens.  Of course, all this is reality only in wingnut-land, but you catch the drift — or you will if you publicly attempt to defend Hillary.

Here’s the truth in a harsh light: all the right-wingnuts apparently want at this point is another President with a duncecap on its pointed little head so they can feel better about themselves — gee, you can be that stupid and still be President!  This particular pointed little head is invaluable because she may even allow the Fat Man a real voice in government, so expect the Fat Man to attempt to mangle reality in her favor until reality itself screams. After all, there’s something in it for him.

Imagine the unreality of the U.S. being run by Rush Limbaugh while pretty Sarah has her hair and nails done every day, and wears pretty clothes and darts around the world smiling at world leaders and saying really stupid stuff.  You know, kind of like Miss America, but without the brains.  We could have another George Bush (the only difference being that during that regime, the U.S. was being run by Dick Cheney), only much prettier.  What heaven; after all, there is no blessed paralysis that propaganda, sloganeering, name-calling and fear-mongering can’t accomplish.  Maybe we’d have no economy at all by the time she finished, instead of one merely in shreds, and we’d be overrun with cheap labor and unaffordable healthcare, and our food would be poison, and the environment would collapse completely.   And WWIII might even start, if for no other reason that the rest of the world couldn’t stand another minute of her.  But gosh, she’d make sure she looked pretty and kept uttering the correct buzz-phrases while we were heading down the poop shoot.  You betcha! smiley1_sl-designs1024x768

And we’d hear over and over again from Fox News about how great a President she is until someone actually started to believe it, and there would be rumblings about throwing out that nasty 22nd Amendment that limits Presidential terms so she could stay in office forever and keep us all mesmerized with her prettiness and down-home-iness, and eventually there would be a movement to build a statue of her in Washington, D.C., or maybe to carve her image into Mt. Rushmore.

And maybe, in the middle of it all, she’d quit.  It wouldn’t take much.  Maybe someone would insult her (darn, that happens a lot to Presidents).  Maybe someone would offer her one of Queen Elizabeth’s extra crowns, and she would think, “To hell with all this, I want to be the Queen of England!”   After all, isn’t it just Russia that’s between Alaska and England?  And she can see Russia from her back yard yuh know.

Oh no dears, it isn’t that far-fetched.  Always remember that it’s okay, because we’re talking about Sarah Palin here.  In the right-wing fantasy world of saints, she’s the saintliest.  Fox News is already talking about her “wide open” options, and MSNBC isn’t far off that mark, either.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s only because they want to see her become President so they can report on the damage.  If not, then I have no explanation.  I can’t believe they’re honestly that stupid.

Let’s just hope that the non-wingnut Republicans come to their senses in the next year or so and laugh her off their stage for good, and send someone serious up against Obama in 2011.  The rest of us have had enough of fashion-doll politicians, and there are a lot more of us than there are of the wingnuts.  If I were a non-wingnut Republican I would keep that in mind, because realizing that all of us don’t live in la-la-land with the wingnuts may be the Republicans’ only credible road back to the White House.

But if the sane Republicans don’t come to that realization, I have only one thing to say as I stare doom in the face: damn you, John McCain.

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