Mr. Benghazi Bails

It’s not confirmed yet, but several sources (including at least one radio station in Utah) are reporting that not only will Jason Chaffetz not run for re-election, but he also may leave office prior to the end of his term.  (3:00 p.m. update: now the rumors seems to indicate that Chaffetz will resign by tomorrow; reasons range from a lucrative job offer to him running for governor of Utah to him having an affair to him accepting “dark money” for his campaign…and of course there’s the Russia thing.)  So I guess at this point we can rule out mere homesickness.

Just a few months ago this same guy was totally arrogant and self-assured, completely determined to ignore the Trump-Russia scandal (“I don’t see anything to investigate,” he shrugged) and instead re-investigate Hillary Clinton over and over and over again until he found something she did wrong regarding Benghazi.  He promised years of investigations, and as the link shows, he said so out loud and in public.  And now he’s turning tail and running.  Interesting.

While I’m delighted at this turn of events, I’d almost rather see shoes drop on Mr. Logan Act (Tom Cotton), or Trey Gowdy, Devin Nunes, or any of a half dozen or more in Congress just like Gowdy, Cotton and Nunes.  Even better than any of them would be the tag team of Ryan and McConnell.   There have been serious mutterings about those two, but I’ll be honest: I want more than that.  Handcuffs on both of them would be nice.  And soon.

One can dream, and so far it all seems to be just a faraway dream.  After all, it’s now Thursday and no one in Washington D.C. has been arrested.


NYT Swallows the Potion

Just to let you know, the New York Times just blew its credibility by claiming that the airstrike in Syria wasn’t bigger/better because of Trump’s “heart.”

You are gone, New York Times.  Gone.

The unpredictable Senator McCain is very, very happy we bombed somebody, so much so that I’m thinking he may eventually come out as a closet Trump supporter.  Never mind that when Obama wanted to take military action in Syria, Congress blocked him.

NBC News, on the other hand, revealed that Syria already knew the attack was coming and moved stuff out of the way.  Thank you, NBC, for reporting real news.  Also thanks to ABC News for the same thing.

Russia is trying to make this all look real by making some minor threats, but believe me, anything they do won’t hurt a bit.  They authorized this whole thing, after all; that much is becoming clear now.  Whether or not this will lead to yet another Russia scandal, or just an extension of the current one, or if it will be shoved under the rug within a week remains to be seen.

Meantime back at home, Trump is on another golfing trip (kind of like Henry VIII going out hunting the day his wife Anne Boleyn was beheaded), and McConnell has just erased the Senate by taking away the minority party’s voice.

The other Republican Senator who tried to score points by being anti-Trump, Lindsey Graham, totally supported this “nuclear option.”  And so I’m guessing that his anti-Trumpness was a veneer, just as McCain’s was.  There is no good reason to confirm the acid and unfit Supreme Court nominee of an acid and unfit president.

McConnell, Graham, McCain, you are on notice: you suck.  And McConnell should be facing legal action for abuse of power and ethics violations.  With whatever limited reach this blog has at present, I’m going to keep pushing the idea until it happens.

And as for you, Trump, nice try.  Looks like you may get away with it in certain quarters like the New York Times.  But oh, while you’re at it, forget the Susan Rice thing.  Turns out you were only trying to divert attention from your own attempts to get Twitter to “unmask” a user who was critical of you.  Not cool.

BTW, readers, word also has it that Trump may be looking to fire both Bannon and Priebus.  I’m thinking that getting rid of Bannon is a bid to make Trump’s administration appear less wing-nutty and Russia-sodden.  If so, no good…at least as long as this administration chooses to revive that horrific and cruel healthcare repeal bill with new and improved cruelties, when only about 17% of the population support it and Congress nearly blew up over it.  And no good when you’re trying to limit our mobility in our own country by getting rid of passenger trains and making everyone undergo extreme vetting not only to get into this country, but now apparently out.

This bullshit has to stop.

Of Putin, Assad, and Trump

In attacking Syria, Trump may be trying to deflect attention from the Trump-Russia investigations and/or make it appear that he and Putin are not hand in hand and because of that, the investigations are “fake.”  He also may be trying to get his abysmal approval rating up.  However, while it may work for about 48 hours, the truth will come out.  It’s already bubbling under the surface:

Palmer Report

Let’s just hope the mainstream media doesn’t elect to play cheerleader for Trump.

Meantime, McConnell has ruined the Supreme Court for at least 30 years by having the “nuclear option” approved by a lapdog Senate tonight.  What Merrick Garland, who McConnell blocked by not even holding hearings on his nomination, must be feeling is anyone’s guess.  It’s robbery.  And it’s anything but ethical.

I hinted earlier this evening that it may be time for ethics complaints to be filed against McConnell and Ryan.  Now I think it’s past time.  McConnell has allowed a treasonous president to select (and have approved) a poisonous candidate for the Supreme Court, while he refused to even allow a hearing for Obama’s choice because “Obama was in the last year of his presidency.”  Well, Hoss, Trump is in the last year of his presidency too, and he’s a traitor to boot.  What’s the difference?  Oh, Trump is white and he’s Republican.  And because McConnell blocked release of information about the early stages of the Trump-Russia investigation, his wife got a post in Trump’s cabinet.  I get it.  Ethics complaint, anyone?

As for Ryan…well I posted about him earlier.  Enough already.