Read the Health-kill Bill (this is not normal)

Here it is in all its secretive glory, written by a handful of white men in a locked room:

Republican Heathkill Bill

And oh, you may be hearing a lot about Trump not actually being able to produce tapes of his conversations with Comey.  This is because there are none — or at least, if there were, they were deleted long ago.

Trump’s threat of “tapes” was just that — a threat, a distraction.  He’s a schoolyard bully who never grew up; he just doesn’t grasp that as president, people take what he says seriously and demand proof.  And if the proof isn’t there, Trump can’t get it through his head that he could be in far more serious trouble than merely a trip to the principal’s office; witness tampering/intimidation is a BIG deal and obstruction of justice is even bigger.  When you’re the president, people have notoriously long memories about what you have said and they tend to want to make you live with it.  It is not enough to tweet “never mind,” as Trump did today.  To put it simply, if he were Hillary Clinton, he’d be impeached and in leg irons right now.  But he’s Trump, so he is held to a much lower standard.

Meantime the White House just held a blacked-out press briefing, or whatever it was (I wonder if they brought any shrubbery into the room?).  And Jared Kushner is in Israel, talking to someone about something, and refusing to be photographed (is he Amish now?).  This puts me in mind of the rumors that Rex Tillerson won’t make eye contact with anyone and won’t let anyone sit in a room with him, or something like that.  Or that Pence has issues with the presence of women that are severe enough to suggest he may be more comfortable working in certain portions of the Middle East.

As the saying goes, folks, This.Is.Not.Normal.  These people are seriously weird, and they are, as the late Alan Rickman’s Snape enunciated so carefully, Up.To.Something.

If I can find it, I have an article somewhere from a few years back, about the inner workings of the Bolshoi Ballet.  It will shock you how similar it is to so much that is going on in the U.S. government now.  This is what the Russian government looks like when it’s transplanted in the U.S., folks (yes, the Bolshoi and the Russian government are interconnected).  Not very pretty.  Let’s not only hope it dies, but work to kill it.

P.S. Mensch chimed in and claimed that Comey’s telephone was some sort of super-duper auto-recorder, like a black box in an airplane, and that COMEY has tapes and so does Trump.  Right.  Then why did Comey write memos, dear?  Enough with the distractions, it’s getting old and in this case in particular, you’re adding nothing to the conversation.  And oh yeah…you lost me at Cheney.


The (not so) new double standard

(A documentation of my first online, media-induced mood swing :-))

I just had to post this quickly because it’s too funny:

More later…

Okay, that was this morning.  I got out of bed, switched on the ‘puter, and found that site.  It made me laugh and started my day off right. 

It’s now the evening, and I’m much crabbier than I was this morning.  Too crabby to be amused anymore.

What’s made me crabby?  Well, the fact that I’m damn tired, and also this: for some years there has been a double standard in place.  The Fat Man, a subject that made me laugh this morning (or more accurately, a website lampooning him made me laugh), is just a symptom of this disease — albeit the most serious one at the moment.

While we’re busy laughing at the blimp and his little Republican satellites, more and more Bush administration memos keep coming to light.  The latest involved something about allowing physical attacks on ordinary U.S. citizens in the name of national security.  You know, like blowing up apartment buildings and stuff like that, just for our own good.

Not only that, but the Bush administration was completely prepared to suspend the 1st amendment.  You know, the one that makes this blog possible.  That may be nice for a neocon nutcase to ponder, but as for me…Mister you do NOT interfere with my right to gripe.

Just imagine for a moment what would have happened if any memos like that from the Clinton administration had come to light.  He’d have been fried in the electric chair by now and his carcass hung out to steam in public.  But this was not about a Democratic President.  It was about a Republican President.  Therefore, betcha didn’t even hear about it until you just read it here.

In fact, it is starting to seem like every revelation of Consitutional violations by the Bush administration — whether they actually were implemented or only existed in the vast empty spaces between the Bush ears — are being shoved aside for the fake, projectionary (if that’s not a word, too fucking bad), and just plain stupid accusations people like the Fat Man routinely make against Obama.

It’s slowly becoming apparent that we have been in real, undeniable danger in the past 8 years — not so much from terrorists abroad as from terrorists in Washington D.C. (that is, when the biggest asshole of all wasn’t on vacation, which he apparently was for a grand total of 3 of the 8 years he was in office — yes, that’s W. again).  Actually we’ve known, or suspected, a lot of this stuff all along.  It’s just that now, we’re seeing the memos.

Bush left us with an economic near-depression, which is somewhat of a relief to me because I had strongly feared he’d somehow manage to start WWIII in his last months in office.  He must be disappointed.  As I said, I am not.

Still, like almost every post-Nixon Republican President, he appears to have a layer of teflon that will not scrape off.   That disappoints me.

It’s starting to seem like Obama could sneeze in public and it would cause an uproar of right-wingnuts screaming that he’s too unhealthy to be in office (I can see the headlines now: “Does Obama have lung cancer?”); Bush, on the other hand, could be (and was) an unrecovered alcoholic and all we’d hear would be (and was) how we didn’t know that for sure, and how cruel us left-wingnuts are for even speculating on such a thing.  Even if we’re not left-wing and have merely, at this point, been driven nuts by Too-Much-Crapitis.

Today I even read a quote from some right-wingnut that likened Obama to Nixon, claiming he has an “enemies list,” when the various lists of the W administration are all too well-known.  How’s that for projection?

Well, fuck it.  I’ve had it with this freaking double standard and with the Fat Man — the King of Crap — and his ilk.  They are all terrorists; they are all guilty of treason.  And now we have proof.

Let’s just say that at this time of night, it’s not funny anymore. 

Come to think of it, it’s not even funny first thing in the morning.