The New Political Correctness, Weatherwise

According to some comments I just read on the Farmers Almanac page, if you say we are in a period of “global warming,” then you are being controlled by people who want to tax you and take away your freedom.  If you believe we’re going into an ice age, then you’re an All American independent gun-toting beer swiggin’ good ol’ boy.  Even if you’re a girl. 

Actually to harbor a fierce loyalty to a weather theory of the 1970’s to justify rejecting a theory of the early 2000’s makes you nothing but an idiot.  An approaching ice age renders you no more independent of the government than does any “global warming” ideology.  Both can be used to “control” people. 

Leaving aside some recent observations about sun cycles, there are some hard facts that we here on earth can control if we aren’t wasting our own energy inventing ways to deny them: there are now about 6 billion people in the world using up resources.  We do not know if the Earth was meant to support all these bodies.  Certainly no earthly ecomony has managed it. 

The only hard truth is that we cannot have this many humans in the world without affecting our environment.  Therefore, something about the environment is changing, and we must change in order to adapt — or else, eventually, suffer a loss of quality of life (and please don’t tell me that breathing dinosaur-fuel fumes has made you a free man), or else die.

We need food and we need to keep ourselves warm or cold, as our prevailing climate dictates.  For this, we need fuel — lots of fuel if you’re talking about supporting a world population that continues to climb out of control.  Fuel sources change over time, according to availability.  Some of them have a more profound impact on the environment than others.  Adaptation is part of the game.  Always has been.  Civilizations that have relentlessly clung to a past that no longer works, no longer exist after a while.

I don’t know whether the current weather gyrations mean “global warming” or “ice age.”  I’m not a scientist; to me the changes only mean inevitable change due to outside pressures.  Goodness knows that scientists seem to be befuddled and sometimes too quick to announce that a certain leaf falling three days too early in a remote section of Africa means we’re all about to ignite.  (No such announcement has been made, but you may catch the drift of what I’m saying).  The term “global warming” has now become so ubiquitous that even when we are freezing, we’re told that it’s because of global warming.  That sort of thing tends to confuse the wingnuts and set them into orbit, shouting, “political correct!  bad!  bad!”

And now they’re fighting back by switching their loyalties to that fond ’70’s theory of a new ice age, which as I said makes no sense whatsoever.

If you are a true independent, I’d say you are wary of either theory, but mindful that things cannot continue as they have been.  But being a true independent, I’m wary of telling anyone what to think.  Apparently, getting all your info from Chicken-Little scientists makes you a liberal and getting all your info from spam e-mails makes you a conservative.  I’m happy to be getting my info from neither of them.