Overheard at a Christmas Party

In the past year I have found that, without question, my family is chock-full of right-wing-radio-screamer worshipping teabaggers.  This knowledge has brought me grief — but not nearly as much grief as the knowledge that these are not Dominionists; in fact, they are hardly religious at all.  No, what pains me is that the sole reason for their teabaggerdom is that the President is half black. 

There is nothing else to blame it on.  George Bush could have planted land mines in their backyards and it would have been okay because he was white, but let Obama even consider trying to help save the planet and he is destroying the Constitution and all we hold dear.  Nothing that happened during the Bush administration benefitted these people, and that’s okay, but let Obama try to right even a smidgeon of the wrongs (and that’s all he seems destined to do), and he’s the Anti-Christ.  Even if you aren’t particularly Christian.

And so yesterday at a Christmas party, two of the teabaggeryist were having a toe-curling (like listening to nails on a blackboard) “political” discussion about the climate talks, and one displayed particularly alarming ignorance by asking, “how can Obama approve that without Congress?”  This ignited a very agitated, nonsensical discussion about Obama doing nefarious, unConsitutional things, (which in reality, of course, he either hasn’t or won’t — but George Bush often did).

Mind you I had to shut this same teabagger out of my email inbox recently when he insisted on sending me those viral teabagger emails even after I told him not to.  Apparently he thought it was funny, but this sort never stops to consider consequences.  And so I can imagine the expression on his face when his latest teabagger missive bounced, and take solace.

And so here’s a note to my dear — unfortunately related — asshole: nobody said anything about Congress being left out of the decision-making progress.  If Limbaugh hinted that this was the case, that just intensifies the word “nobody.” 

In fact, it’s part of the “checks and balances” scheme of the Constitution that the Senate has to approve treaties.  Remember Junior-year Constitution class in high school?  Apparently not.  Well, just to remind you, we learned about that back then.  Or at least SOME of us did.

Anyway, back at the Christmas party, the blather ignited and then came the clicher: “Limbaugh already said it’s a failure.”  Okay, enough.  You’re taking your “facts” from Limbaugh?  Spare me. (Click on “spare me” to see why; fact is, Fathead never ran across a fact that he liked.)

So, much as it hurts, here goes a Stupid of the Day Award to one of my own relatives.  Merry Christmas.

Somebody’s that stupid, after all

I blundered when I said that nobody would accept a Senate appointment from Gov. Blags. Turns out somebody was stupid enough to accept Blagojevich’s Senate appointment: Roland Burris. Now, don’t get me wrong. Burris has been in public office in Illinois for a long time and has managed to avoid scandal. Based on that remarkable achievement, he should receive an honorary nomination for President, were there such a thing. He’s done the impossible, after all.

But for Blags to play the race card — which he has done here — and for Burris to accept, is just plain…well, somebody else already has a famous non-blog with the title You Are Dumb (http://www.youaredumb.net/). Of course, Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) is proving the truth of the old saw “fools rush in,” by declaring this a racial issue. Burris is trying to avoid that, but there’s no doubt that Blags appointed him for shield the color of his skin would create more than for his qualifications — which, for the record, I am not questioning; this is definitely not another Caroline Kennedy situation. Burris has more than enough qualifications to run for the office on his own. He certainly doesn’t need this appointment; then again, nobody does.

That Blags’ actions have gone so far as to interfere with the functioning of a President-elect (who also just happens to be black), is immaterial here; all that matters to Rush is that Burris is black and the Senate currently is not. It’s nothing but a desperate and cynical bid on Blagojevich’s part to retain some shred of control, and Rush should know better than to fall for it and become Blagojevich’s unwitting champion. But then again, Chip Saltsman should have known better than to send a CD of “Barack the Magic Negro” to his RNC buddies. Racists are incurable, I guess, and some things are just too much to hope for.

I don’t know enough about the legal end of it to know if Burris will be seated in the Senate. It seems like no one does. I do know there are some possible roadblocks in his way, starting with the fact that the Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White (who, for the record, is also black), is refusing to certify the appointment.

The question is, why would anyone accept this appointment? Even if Burris is seated, there’s still an election just a few years away, and it will likely happen around the same time that any trial Blagojevich ultimately may have is finally underway. This means the fact that the appointment is tainted, even if Burris himself isn’t, will be very fresh in people’s minds. It also seems the surest way for a Republican to win the Illinois senate seat next time around. You can bet they will hammer the point home to the exclusion of any other matter (because they don’t know much about any other matter), and there are enough really stupid people in this state who will not look at Burris, but only at the taint on his appointment.

It’s a disservice to Burris and the people of Illinois. Then again, disservice is all Blags has ever done.

Burris needs to back off from accepting this appointment to avoid doing a disservice to himself. If he won’t, that tells me all I need to know. It will drag him down with Blagojevich, who is going down, either in a courtroom or just by losing an election and his career. Why anyone would be that desperate to be a Senator is beyond me.

But maybe Burris can’t see the consequences. And if he can’t, maybe he doesn’t belong in the Senate, tainted appointment or not. We’ve already spent 8 years with too many people in Washington, from the White House on down, who can’t see past the tips of their own noses. One more may be one too many.