Gosh. That’s stupid.

I’ll just leave this right here:

Trump leaked highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador


Sunday night one of the White House leakers said that Trump was coming to the end of what would be one of his last weekends in the White House.  Okay, this is vague.  It could mean that he’s now going to be spending ALL his weekends at his own properties instead of just 99% of them, or it could mean that he’s closing the White House — I’m not joking; he has actually mentioned the possibility.  It also may mean resignation, which takes us to the rumor I read tonight on Twitter: Trump may indeed resign because of “all the negativity.”  I won’t bite on the “negativity” thing; I’ll just say “MAGA” and “wall” and leave it at that.

Last time we heard a strong resignation rumor…well, Trump is still there, so I won’t go into that.

However, this time it’s coming right after a really, really, stupid blunder.  Okay, it’s more than one stupid blunder, it’s more like 17 of them in one week according to Keith Olbermann.

If there’s any trace of truth in the rumor this time, it may well be that Trump believes he will “get out of jail free” if he resigns.  If that’s what he’s betting, he’s wrong.  As has been observed over the past few days, the focus of the investigation has now changed from collusion to ill-gotten financial gains (leading to collusion).  No matter which way Trump runs, he’s going to crash into trouble.  He can’t even go home to New York if he resigns; the attorney general there is almost literally gunning for him on racketeering charges.  This means that even if the federal case(s) against him fall apart, he still may end up spending his dotage in a prison in New York state because of his association with people like Felix Sater and Joey “No Socks” Cinque.  Who knew grifting could be so hard?

In a way it’s a lucky break for the U.S. that Trump is so incredibly stupid.  But that’s like saying it’s a lucky thing you just broke one bone in your leg instead of several.