A Slip Into Oblivion

I saw this today: No Longer Sarah Palin’s Alaska and realized that it had actually been a few months since I thought about her.  That’s a first since 2008.

It would be nice never to think of her again, but I’m sure she’ll find her way back into the collective conscious at some point.  That’s the way she makes her living, after all.

But I’ll settle for this: if even one person has realized that she never had the right stuff to be President, or even Vice President, in spite of the fact that she is very pretty and has very white skin, then the battle is won.  No matter how many reality shows her family produces and no matter what she says to get her mug back in the news — and these things will happen — she will never again be seriously considered for offices that such an shallow, flighty individual should never be considered for.

Maybe this is the dawn of a new seriousness in this country.  I’ve also read that, given this summer’s unusually high temperatures and low rainfall in about 56% of the continental U.S., 70% of those surveyed now believe in “global warming.”  I don’t know what the numbers were before all this happened, but I’m sure the believers were more like 30%.

Of course, we’re still silly enough where, if next summer’s temperatures are in the 60’s and we are drowning in rain, the number of believers will sink again.  And a lot of people will blame Obama.  But still, this survey indicates, perhaps, that some people have been shocked into seriously thinking.

A large number of people doing some serious thinking is not good for the career of someone like Sarah Palin.  And that, my friends, is a good thing.


I haven’t any more information than anyone else about the attempt on AZ Representative Giffords’ life (there is currently more than the usual amount of confusion about what has transpired), so I’ll leave that alone except to offer my deepest sympathy to everyone who was harmed in this situation, and to the families of those who were killed.

The only thing I’ll add at this point is this: Maddow Blog.  I think it’s very necessary reading for anyone trying to make sense of this situation, which should include just about everyone right now.  Yes, it’s about Sarah Palin.  Yes, she has found yet another way to get publicity — by apparently hinting at violence as a consequence of not listening to her fucking nonsense, or at least using symbols of potential violence; in this case cross-hairs.  It’s too early to tell if this particular scheme resulted in this horrific act (see update below), but it’s also too early to rule it out.  (Even more information is available at Palingates.)

I also found it interesting that the murderer was apparently captured on the scene, but his identity has yet to be revealed.  Why is he being protected?  Later update: he has now been identified…or at least someone has been identified who has one very disquieting “favorite” video on YouTube, and three of his own very, very strange videos there as well, all of which were uploaded recently.  From whatever little bit of sense I can make of his gibberish, he is not a classic teabagger, nor is he liberal.  Seems more like he’s off in his own little world — just the sort of person who might be receptive to any slight hint that violence is okay.

Judging from a pro-Palin’s webmaster’s action (instantly taking down the “Take Back the 20” “crosshairs” page when the news broke about the shooting), on some level even s/he knows that Palin is a bad influence…and doesn’t want to be held responsible.  (Latest update is that the graphic is still available on other Palin haunts such as Facebook, which is totally Palin — gotta have that freedom of speech, yuh know, and it’s not her fault just like nothing else is!)

That said, I have only this to add: whatever eventually comes to light about this situation, Sarah Palin, you are beneath contempt.

Another post about ignorance and food

Breaking my silence once again to comment on the recent hubbub over a certain municipality banning McDonald’s Happy Meals*(see note at the end of this post), inciting an outcry of horror from customers and probably emboldening the hideously stupid Sarah Palin to be even dumber than she usually is.  A deposit of saturated fat between the ears is notoriously hard to cure, isn’t it?

I guess sometime recently Palin attacked the First Lady’s anti-child-obesity campaign by feeding a classroom full of grade-school kids all the sweets they could ever rot the teeth out of their heads with.  No doubt a bucketload of snarky comments was passed around to wash it all down — with another bucketload of sugar added for good measure.  (Yes, this did happen — click on THIS to read the whole sorry story.)

But, back to McDonald’s.

I often have the opportunity to see the public’s eating habits firsthand.  I have noted that it’s fairly rare for a skinny mom to have obese children, but common for a fat mom to have tubby kids.  I’ve also noted that about 30% of parents refuse to take any sort of responsibility whatsoever for what their kids put into their mouths, and how much.  In fact, if anyone tries to deny food to their kids, outrage ensues.  There is no ratio of fat to thin I can think of in this category; I’ve seen skinny parents go nuts about this as well as fat parents.  In the end it has less to do with food than with a perceived attack on their child (who not only can do no wrong, but can do anything s/he wants — or else).  In plain words, it’s bad parenting.

The majority of parents will thank you for leaving them in control of their child’s food intake.  That’s as it should be. It’s called good parenting.  It is something Sarah Palin knows even less about than I thought she did, seeing as she thought it okay to feed other people’s kids a mountain of sugar, just to make some sort of political point against the (black) First Lady.

And that’s the basic problem with outlawing McDonald’s Happy Meals.

As far as I know, most parents have more money than their kids.  They are the ones paying for the Happy Meals…or not, as they choose.  If they choose to neglect their responsibility and let their kids turn into little balloons, that is their fault, not McDonald’s.  To put it more concisely, if no one buys Happy Meals, they will go away by themselves.

Quite the same applies to Sarah Palin, who as I said apparently took it upon herself to become a cause of childhood obesity.   Why I should even have heard about this monumental bit of stupidity is beyond me, but it’s definitely been in the newsand for once, almost no one — even among Republicans — is trying to excuse it.

Obesity in the U.S. (and most of the world, from my own observation) is not a “liberal” verses “conservative” issue.  It is not a political football.  It is a real problem, and controlling it involves real personal responsibility.  This is all the First Lady is saying.  No one outside of the occasional city and/or school board is talking about banning fatty Happy Meals or sugary cookies.

Banning kiddie meals and snacks will not help.  Allowing a wayward political Barbie doll to force-feed your kids mountains of sugar to make some sort of political point will not help.  Saying “no” to your kids is the only thing that will help.  For some people it’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s the only one that will work.

*12/30/10 edit: further research left me unable to identify the municipality that was trying to ban Happy Meals, but found some information on a current lawsuit a parent brought against McDonald’s for “tempting kids with toys” in their Happy Meals.  This is essentially the same sort of ignorance and abdication of parental authority that I was talking about anyway, so I’m not going to bother to rewrite this post.

WikiLeaks All Over Sarah

As it turns out, the cyber-attack by Julian Assange supporters on Sarah Palin’s credit card accounts is just one tiny facet of a wide-ranging cyber attack currently underway.  However, I’ll wager that Sarah’s minions don’t know that.  All they know is that their queen is being assaulted with some of the very same techniques they themselves, and their heroine as well, have used to defend precious Sarah (shoveling dirt on an opponent and/or violating his/her privacy, that is). ” Oh, Woe!  Our heroine is in danger for doing that freedom of speech stuff!” they must be crying.  Never mind their own guilt in that regard; also never mind that it’s strange they seem to be so wildly afraid of poor Sarah being attacked when she has shown herself to be coated in Teflon over and over and over.

My advice to the Wikileaks cyber-attackers, by the way, is to give up on Sarah or else find yourselves lost in her looking-glass world forever.  Nothing you can dig up on this woman will hurt her; in fact, it may hurt you.  Believe me, a lot of  people have already tried, only to painfully find that out.  Her supporters exist in a world where the opposite of truth is truth, and the U.S. media are in love with her.  That can be a scary combination for anyone on the outside looking in.

Anyway, my feelings about this cyber-attack are mixed, especially since the attack on the Palins is but a drop in the ocean compared to what is going on overall, but I couldn’t let it go without re-posting the Jackass Tweet of the Past Few Days: “No wonder others are keeping silent about Assange’s antics.  This is what happens when you exercise the “First Amendment”and speak against his sick, un-American espionage efforts.”

Um…dumbass, Assange is Australian.

And who is the dumbass who tweeted this Tweet?  Sarah Palin.

In a world of surprises, some things never surprise.

A sum total of nothing

I just read my worst nightmare in The Huffington Post: Sarah Palin is about to announce her candidacy for President.

Just a few months ago I thought that reality had intruded enough that this would never happen.  I guess I need constant reminders that we in the U.S. are being forced to deal with an alternate reality day after day in this era, the one that says that Sarah and the Teabaggers have a point and purpose.

What brought this home was what happened during a visit with friends a few months back, in which these otherwise intelligent — but, both of them, government-subsidy-dependent at this point in their lives — told me with serious faces that “Sarah Palin has more qualifications to be President than does Barack Obama.”  I told them “no, the only thing she has is whiter skin than Obama.”  They did not disagree. They don’t turn down their unemployment/disability checks either, and they don’t seem to realize that Sarah is against any such aid.  There’s just a total blind spot here caused by Sarah’s white skin.

Therein lies the basis for this alternate reality.  There is nothing else.

I’m a little short on time today, but sometime this weekend I’ll write a list of Sarah’s “accomplishments” and qualifications for high office.  It may be quite short or it may be quite long; either way, it will be full of shit — because it can’t be full of anything else.

See you later.


Here are some Facebook and/or Twitter posts (I can never tell which) from Willow Palin on the night of the premiere of her mother’s vlog “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” which of course was declared a total success by the media in spite of the fact that 5,000,000 viewers isn’t much these days…and also on the eve of her sister’s clearly fraudulent “Dancing with the Stars” title, not that it matters much in the large scheme of things:

Charming Remarks from Willow

If Sarah Palin is an Environmentalist, I’m the President of the U.S.A.

Saw a snippet of Palin’s Discovery Channel “reality” show, and all it seems to be about is her sitting on her porch “doing research for (my) writing.”  Her hubby strolls up, trying to act natural (“oh hi, you must be Sarah and I must be Todd.”)  And that’s it.  That’s all there was…of course, this was a short clip.

But why do I believe there is little more to the show than that?

Well basically it’s because I understand the show is called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”  If that’s so, she must occupy a very tiny corner of it — you know, like her porch.  Honestly, “Alaska” in the title speaks to me of scenic vistas and hardscrabble lives and yes…environmentalism.  Alaska is an easy choice for a show about environmentalism.  It is huge and almost menacing, yet it is fragile.  It is extreme and largely untamed.  It is hardly suburbanized, banal and materialistic.

That is to say that Alaska does NOT speak to me of Palin sitting on her porch “doing research” and having some badly-acted chit-chat with her husband, much of which seemed to be about an irritating neighbor.  In fact it does not speak to me of Sarah Palin, the ultimate anti-environment screech, at all.

It’s bad enough that Discovery is in the process of turning the entire profession of storm chasing into a Hollywood melodrama, sullying the names of a few actual chasers in the process, (not to mention outraging the chaser community by stealing storm footage and making false claims).  But do we really have to put up with a faux-Alaskafest from Sarah Palin on top it it?  I think not.

For what it’s worth, here’s a petition to get Palin’s nature show on Faux News where it belongs:

Anti-Palin Discovery Show Petition