Slightly louder explosions, but not really

Mother Jones just posted this.

I am assuming this is the big scoop that was hinted at…was it yesterday or the day before?  Anyway, someone on Twitter claimed that one of the major “newspapers” would publish a HUGE piece of information involving Trump/Russia “within 48 hours,” as I remember.

Well, if this is it,*shrug*.  In my view it’s nothing more than a couple more tidbits that will be quickly set buried under an avalanche of new tidbits, and the process will repeat itself over and over and over until…what?

The implication here is that Trump is safely at 30,000 feet, so shit is coming down back at home.  it isn’t.

All these tidbits do not amount to a stack of doodle y-squat, let alone a major scoop.  They’re just restatements of what we’ve already known for a long time.  I am frankly sick and tired of what Trump said about Comey to the Russians (except that he apparently did admit again that Comey was fired because of the Russia investigation, which we all knew anyway).  I am also sick and tired about names not being named; you know, “someone close to Trump is being investigated.”  Well, fucking thanks; that narrows it down to about 600.  (Other sources say it’s Jared Kushner, and state that he is merely “a person of interest.”)

Break a story about how they’re about to arrest somebody, and name that person, and be right…and then we’ll talk about real bombshells.