The state of stuff, 4/11/17

With Congress on yet another vacation (yes, they call it recess, but…), there’s nothing much “official” going on in public.  That is true except for the case of that Russian hacker, apparently a very famous one, who suddenly got arrested in Spain the other day by request of the U.S.

Wow was that easy.  The guy was responsible for hacking millions of computer systems and users worldwide, and apparently even helped hack the U.S. election, but he didn’t know better than to go live in a country that has an extradition agreement with the U.S. and live openly and casually, making no attempt to hide?  Right.

Maybe he didn’t care.  Maybe getting arrested and being so valuable to the U.S. that he’d be protected to the nth degree was preferable to living in Russia and being shot, poisoned, or pushed out of a high-rise window.

Also note the timing of the arrest: a few days after Trump’s almost-successful diversion tactic in Syria.  It was as if they were saying, “nice try; now back to the real story.”  (BTW, the attack apparently did not help Trump’s approval rating, however much it seems to have acted as a nice big shiny thing to distract the media.)

Trump, however, doesn’t get it.  Not only is he now threatening North Korea (possibly with nukes), but he’s also expanding military activities in Somalia and other places.  I guess since the diversion seemed to work once, he thinks it will work over and over and over.

And if there’s blame involved…well, now he’s blaming his daughter for the “bombing raid” in Syria.  You see, she saw all these pictures of children injured and killed in the chemical attack (which Putin is now blaming on the U.S., just as the U.S. has been blaming it on Putin — another gaslighting attempt on both sides), and was so upset that she asked Daddy to bomb something.  Who could resist those big mascaraed eyes full of tears?  So Daddy bombed an empty air field, which was empty because he’d first cleared the attack with Russia, who informed Syria, who evacuated the facility.  Now Russia and the U.S. are trading insults, so how could Trump be involved with Putin?  Impossible, right?

And what will their excuse be for nuking North Korea?  Ivanka’s heart?  And I guess they’ll be bombing Somalia because of all those photos of starving children?  Sure.

Never mind that stories are circulating that this is all some kind of oil deal (the Syria thing, at least), orchestrated for Trump by Jared Kushner, who a Twitter pundit said will end up being the one person in jail, when all is said and done, with the most convictions in the entire Trump-Russia scandal.

Here back at home the Republicans, never cowed by reality, are making their anti-healthcare plan even worse and are planning to re-introduce it.  Probably buoyed by the success of forcing the deplorable Gorsuch on the Supreme Court (and thereby the rest of us), they likely feel they can be successful this time.  Never mind all those people screaming at them in their town halls and out in the streets; they just won’t have town halls and they’ll leave town whenever the streets get too hot.  Those are all paid protesters from other states after all, right?

And so, safe in this little bubble of unreality, Congress believes it can pass this horrible legislation and “free” us from the supposed burden of healthcare.  In a world where a commercial airline can have some paid thugs beat up a passenger — and then blame it on the passenger* — and not instantly lose their business to the extent of going bankrupt, it seems anything is possible.  This is the Age of the Thug.

* The New York Post just said this is okay because the passenger, a doctor, is not a very nice person and had some sort of conviction on his record.  The airline has lost approximately a billion dollars in the stock market as of today, but no big deal…they lost money after 9/11 too and if I remember correctly, got a government bail-out.  Whether one of the planes allegedly involved in the 9/11 “attack” was still flying years later is still an open question.

This is what happens when you don’t believe science

Yep, that’s it: you start believing in weird shit uttered by cranky old televangelists.   And the Stupid of the Day award goes to…Pat Robertson


A comfortable hell

First, enjoy: Freakout Over Obamacare

I had actually just about retired this blog.  It took the Supreme Court finding legal justification for Obamacare to shake me out of quitting from sheer boredom and frustration in dealing with Stupid.  Sadly, Stupid continues its Fox-induced reign, and so here I am again to help combat it.

On Facebook I am “friends” with many people I have never met and actually, barely conversed with.  However, the recent pro-healthcare ruling by the Supreme Court certainly showed a few of them for what they are: stupid.  Consider the following quotes:

“This is the end of the U.S. as we know it!”  “Say goodbye to lifting yourself up by your own bootstraps, hello to handouts!”  And so forth.


Nobody’s asking for free healthcare except, possibly, the millions who have been put out of work as the end result of 30 years of Reaganomics.  Obamacare does not establish socialized medicine.

Very few people are going to get free healthcare except for (most of) those who were already getting it.  The rest of us will be expected to find a way to pay for our healthcare so no one else (i.e. the taxpayer) has to; that means, buy insurance.  And the insurance companies will be expected to stop toying around with our lives and actually offer viable health insurance at a reasonable price; i.e., they’ll have to show their more overzealous actuaries and underwriters, and the resulting death panels, the door.

That’s it.  Nothing else has changed.  Nor will it.  The government, or certain people in it, will continue to be able to pass laws that curtail women’s healthcare and reproductive rights in the name of “religious freedom,” which is mainly for men who do not pay taxes and like to abuse little boys.  And your doctor will still be required by law to ask you stupid questions about whether you’ve grown recently (when you’re in your 50’s).  And you’re still protected by HIPAA unless you’re female.

Actually with the few Obamacare changes that have already been implemented, health insurers are reporting an increase in profits.  So anyone concerned about the insurers’ bottom lines and their ability to continue to pay their executives tens of millions of dollars need not worry.  Life-sucking capitalism as it applies to your health is alive and well.  However, a relative who sells health insurance informs me that premiums are actually going down.  Yes, that’s at the same time that profits are going up.  May the problem all along have been a faulty business model?  Very likely.  Too bad it took legislation to slap some sense into the insurance companies.

Still want a businessman in the President’s office?  Think again.  The U.S. economy has been running on shitty business models for 30 years now, and look where it’s got us: in health insurance, it got so bad that the government had to intervene to save large numbers of people.  I have no doubt that the religion of outsourcing is the next target.

So dears, get this straight: if you’re getting your health-reform news from Fox News — and it’s either from them or from the Fat Man or his countless imitators that you’re getting this shit — you’re not getting any information at all.

And one more thing…answer me this: why did I not hear you screaming when state after state enacted mandatory automobile-insurance laws?

Stupid of the Day Award goes to anyone who prefers the poor comfort of the present-day healthcare hell to the promise of “Obamacare.”  Now let’s watch you run to Canada to get away from all this…and right into the arms of real socialized medicine.

Must be all those headless bodies exploding…

Just read that John McCain is blaming the Arizona wildfires on illegal immigrants.  Ah.  So I guess we’ll have to rephrase Smokey the Bear’s famous warning to read, Remember, Only Illegal Immigrants Can Cause Forest (or desert) Fires.

Of course, when you have thousands of people traversing thousands of square miles of land as quietly and covertly as they can, somebody is going to do something stupid.  But to blame ALL the fires on illegals?

Oh, I forgot…there is no global warming, so it can’t be anything else.  Unless it was a non-illegal person.  But what would they be doing there?  Therefore, whoever done it must have been illegal.  Or something like that.

And what about that global economy that forces these people to cross  borders to find work at pittance wages with no benefits (and they don’t pay taxes either because they are usually PAID UNDER THE TABLE) except for what is routinely offered to the poor at the cost of the rest of us because we have no socialized medicine except for Medicare/Medicaid which the teabaggers want to get rid of because they don’t want death panels and social benefits are too expensive but wars are not?  Oh, I forgot.  TOO FREAKING COMPLICATED for Senator McCain to ponder.

(Yes, your head must be spinning after reading that last paragraph, but believe me, it would be spinning less if you accepted that there is nothing evil about socialized medicine.  The only evil is the people who have decided that it has already failed even though it hasn’t even begun — I can think of a right-wing radio yapper or two who are telling their minions that over and over and over again, until it sinks into whatever is left of brains between their ears.  The Big Lie thing, you know, kinda like when they kept asking if Obama had fixed the economy yet long before he was sworn in as President.)

And so we are left with this: Illegal Immigrants Cause Forest Fires.  Simple as black and white.  And don’t you forget it.

I’ll be getting to the matter of the Supreme Court vs. women later on this week.  But first, let me offer Senator McCain the Stupid of the Day Award.  He’s earned it.

It’s a dead give-away

When they use the terms “communist,” “socialist,” and “progressive” all in the same sentence:

Teabagger Training Film



The pot calls the kettle…something

Actually, in this case the pot and the kettle don’t even belong in the same sentence.  However, it’s the long-off-the-wall Sarah Palin again, nitpicking at the White House (again)…this time about a “lack of class” or something.

When the Queen of the D List says something like that, Hoss, save your ears and go do something else.


What I don’t get is why she doesn’t get that the reason Rump flamed out so fast in his toy Presidential bid is that he was unserious.  She has now spent almost 3 years being unserious in the eyes of the general public of the U.S. and the world.  Rump seems to have realized that being a fluffy bunny cost him; will Palin ever figure this out?

I guess not.


What’s wrong, dear, not enough carbon dioxide?

At the very least, it seems that Michele Bachmann is dumber than I thought:

Rebuttal to rebuttal to the SOTU speech

(An even more humorous version of this speech is offered here.  Additional humor offered here.)

The only thing I have to say is this: Madam, you would have trouble finding the intellectual depth to graduate from preschool.

This speech probably means that you are dumb enough to redouble your efforts to run for President.  Good.  May you reap the humiliation you are asking for.

In the meantime, here’s a Stupid of the Day Award.  I have no doubt you’ll reach your Lifetime Achievement quota in no time at all.

P.S. — this ties in: The Palin Problem