Stupid Politician Tricks

No one I talked to today was dismayed about what happened to Rod Blagojevich. No one. No one was surprised, either.

In fact, most of the talk was about how stupid this man must be.

Indeed. From what we understand, one charge is that he was trying to “sell” President-elect Obama’s former Senate seat — and now I’m hearing that Obama himself kinda-sorta started the investigation on this count by insisting that the Illinois legislature work to pass an ethics bill earlier this year, which prompted Blags to rush into his corruption spree to beat the deadline before the new law went into effect. It was Blags’ own veto of the bill that prompted the Feds to begin their wiretaps. They seemed to know that he would finally go too far with that kind of prompting.

The other incredible act of stupidity was that Blags apparently offered a state bail-out of the failing Tribune company — the publishers of the Chicago Tribune and the owners of the Chicago Cubs — only if they would fire members of their editorial board who have written nasty things about him.

And then there was the thing with Blags holding a children’s hospital’s funding hostage while trying to extract a $50,000 campaign contribution from an official of the hospital. This, coming from a man who — in an attempt to win votes — launched the notoriously silly “All Kids” state health insurance program, is just incredible.

But the most amazingly stupid thing of all is that he has been investigated ceaselessly by the Feds for several years now; that is to say, he knew he was on their radar in a big way…but yet he never considered that his phones might be bugged, his office might be bugged…it apparently just never occurred to him. Amazing. This man has never had a layer of teflon, after all. He has only had a glacier-deep layer of arrogance, and for a long time that has not been enough.

To me, that is just jaw-dropping. This man doesn’t belong in office. He needs to be in the running for the 2008 Darwin Awards. If not that, at least he should be one of those “stupid criminals” news items.

Dumb and dumber. And then there’s the dumbest of all.