That was news?

One or two major news sources confirmed today that Jared Kushner is the person of the FBI’s interest in Trump’s immediate circle; other reports say that Ivanka Trump is another.  This was treated as a major revelation on Twitter and cable news, but I don’t know why.  We’ve known about the Kusher situation for almost a week; I remember writing about it here.

Frankly I’m getting tired of two tendencies: things we already know being treated as major revelations when merely repeated, and all the weird tangents people keep going off on.

An example of a tangent: big rumor of the evening after Trump spent the day making an ass out of himself before NATO is that our NATO allies may now be fed up enough with Trump that they will OOOPS, accidentally leak some of the intel they have on him.  *sigh*  We’ve already broached this subject, and they’ve been disgusted with Trump for months.  Nothing has happened.  I don’t know why people keep charging off down this dead-end road.

Even if the Europeans do leak something it will be publicly treated as “unverified” here, and be of no help to us.  Remember that Trump has the majority party behind him, and a bunch of billionaires and Russians (and Russian billionaires) behind him and the Republicans (the majority party) as well.  An “unverified” European pee-pee tape may serve as sufficient evidence to convict a Democrat, but it will not work with Trump, McConnell, Ryan, Pence, Flynn, Manafort, or any of the rest of the traitors simply because the cancer they are a part of is so advanced.

It’s been decades in the making, remember that.  It will not be undone overnight, or easily.  It will certainly not be undone by a European intelligence leak.

Anyway, there are some people who are still actually revealing new information.  As much as I hate to credit Seth Abramson, he posted this thread on Twitter tonight that may change the name of this scandal from “Kremlingate” (or “Trump-Russia,” or “Russiagate”) to simply, “Mayflower.”

Read:  Seth Abramson



I haven’t written because frankly there is so much going on that I’ve gotten lost.  Happily, Keith Olbermann has put it all together for us.  Take a big deep breath and dive in:


If nothing else, after listening to all that, you’ll know how I got lost.

And we now know almost for certain that the Republican Congress is almost as dirty as Trump.  Oddly Ryan is not mentioned in this article, but read it anyway:



Slightly louder explosions, but not really

Mother Jones just posted this.

I am assuming this is the big scoop that was hinted at…was it yesterday or the day before?  Anyway, someone on Twitter claimed that one of the major “newspapers” would publish a HUGE piece of information involving Trump/Russia “within 48 hours,” as I remember.

Well, if this is it,*shrug*.  In my view it’s nothing more than a couple more tidbits that will be quickly set buried under an avalanche of new tidbits, and the process will repeat itself over and over and over until…what?

The implication here is that Trump is safely at 30,000 feet, so shit is coming down back at home.  it isn’t.

All these tidbits do not amount to a stack of doodle y-squat, let alone a major scoop.  They’re just restatements of what we’ve already known for a long time.  I am frankly sick and tired of what Trump said about Comey to the Russians (except that he apparently did admit again that Comey was fired because of the Russia investigation, which we all knew anyway).  I am also sick and tired about names not being named; you know, “someone close to Trump is being investigated.”  Well, fucking thanks; that narrows it down to about 600.  (Other sources say it’s Jared Kushner, and state that he is merely “a person of interest.”)

Break a story about how they’re about to arrest somebody, and name that person, and be right…and then we’ll talk about real bombshells.

All sorts of tiddly $#*%

Nothing dramatic has happened this morning; just a steady drip, drip, drip.  No flood.

Trump is preparing to get on a plane to somewhere, not that anything he does or says really matters.  There is the odd report that he is paranoid that Pence will “take over” while he is gone, and certainly there has been a uptick in rumors of Pence funding his presidential campaign for 2020, etc.  But the fact is there has also been a sharp uptick in reports that Pence knew Flynn was crooked well before he allowed Flynn to become national security advisor to Trump.  So if I were Pence, maybe I wouldn’t be thinking about 2020, but surviving 2017 as a free man involved in politics instead.

As for Pence taking over, I doubt it.  Nothing dramatic will happen in Trump’s absence;  Washington is too scared right now.  Apparently Ryan is hiding under his desk after finding out that he had been recorded saying that the Russians were paying Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and Trump.  It’s said he’s now wondering what else he uttered that was recorded, and in typical Republican fashion who did it.  Right.  Let’s never face our own crimes, let’s worry about who exposed them.

Anyway, the Rohrabacher situation reveals that Russian influence in Washington may go back further than previously thought, and that the Republicans in particular have been identified by the Russians as sitting ducks.  (For a scathing Wisconsin editorial about our darling Ryan, read hereThis is interesting too.)

So that’s one thing that’s scaring the Republicans.  The other is Robert Mueller, who has now requested Congressional investigations halt, or at least curtail their activities.  Social media reacted to this request with fear and outrage, particularly since a story was planted yesterday about how the law firm Mueller worked for was connected to the Trumps or those associated with them.  People, people…

At this point there probably aren’t too many major law firms that haven’t had dealings with the Trumps and/or their associates.  That doesn’t mean Mueller himself did.  Also, the timing of this story suggests that it came from either the Russians or Trump’s camp.  Put all of that together and I say that unless Mueller starts doing things obviously pro-Trump, don’t panic.

The request that the Congressional committees dial back their investigations is no big deal considering the amount of interference and obstruction various Republicans on those committees were subjecting them to.  Remember all those questions about Hillary Clinton’s emails in at least two of the public hearings that were supposed to be about the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia?  It could be that Mueller saw that too, and decided the committees were just trying to score political points and deflections.  And he’s right on that.  Enough, already.  Let’s not let the inmates run the asylum, as the old saying goes.

Anyway, the little explosion this morning is that Trump signed financial disclosures for 2016 against the advice of his attorneys.  Why was he advised against signing?  Because the disclosures were false.

The other little explosion is that Julian Assange is a free man (odd that this happened at the same moment a massive cyber-attack on social media was in progress); he can leave the embassy now because the Swiss no longer want to question him about the possible rape charge.  It’s said the FBI may have had something to do with this, which is interesting.  It does seem that Assange’s even more vulnerable to Putin now if he doesn’t toe the mark.  So really, he may be free, but he isn’t free, and he will never be free.

And so that’s where we are at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, May 19, 2017.  Trump’s about to be in the thin air, Pence is stranded on the ground, Ryan is hiding under his desk, Mueller’s sniffing around, Assange thinks he’s free, and nobody’s is going anywhere for a while.

Okay, this really is “breaking news”

Robert Mueller has been named special prosecutor in charge of investigating Russiagate.

Oh yeah…and then there’s this:  Ryangate

aaaannnnnnd….now they’ve probably got Pence as well: Transition knew Flynn was under investigation; hired him anyway.

Anyone else have a feeling that all the shit is hitting the fan on the same day for a reason?  Stay tuned; heard a rumor that a major newspaper is going to drop yet another bomb in the next 48 hours.  Even if this turns out to be false, it’s been a wild enough day that I can live on what’s already happened for a while.

Healthcare as distraction

In truth, I wasn’t going to mention yesterday’s acrid anti-healthcare vote by the U.S. House at all, but then I realized a bunch of stuff:

(1) The bill barely passed;
(2) The instant it passed, the Senate killed it.  Reason?  They already have a team writing their own healthcare bill.  As in, they knew about this potential distraction beforehand and were ready.  They’re covering the asses of the jackasses in the House kind of like you’d pitch in to stop your kid brother from being beat up by schoolyard bullies because he was stupid enough to thumb his nose at them.  And that’s supposed to make it all okay with the public, all is forgotten, don’t look at Russiagate, look at the Senate taking care of the mess the House made.
(3) Several of the representatives who voted for the bill didn’t read it.  It’s long been evident that many of them (including Ryan) don’t understand the purpose of insurance, either.  I suppose they feel this gives them plausible deniability as certain parts of the bill gain publicity, most particularly those that turn being a woman into a preexisting condition, which of course the bill does not cover (it does, however, exclude erectile dysfunction from the list of preexisting conditions).
(4) If that’s the case, they’re wrong.  As the Republicans passed the bill, the Democrats sang the old song, “nah-nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah, hey-hey-hey, goodbye.”  Because in attempting to prove that having the Republicans in control of the House and Senate doesn’t mean automatic permanent paralysis of government (and some representatives are saying that’s why they voted for the bill — yay party!  fuck country!), the Republicans very possibly also ended their possession of the House.  The election, after all, is in November 2018, and they are all up for re-election.

I’m guessing the Republicans are betting that we will have forgotten about this fiasco by then, because (as I just said), gosh darn while they were in the Rose Garden swilling taxpayer-funded cases of beer in celebration of their offense, the Senate killed the bill.  Also, as I said earlier, a fair number or reps didn’t even read the fucking thing, (and some of those who did said they didn’t even like the bill); how can they be responsible?  Also, morbid misogyny is okay!  Look at the 2016 election!

Am I saying that the representatives gambled on a potentially career-sinking bill (which the Senate very conveniently stepped in and killed) because they think it will distract us from Russiagate — which could not only end many of their careers, but end them without the chance to run another corrupt election and steal the House (and Senate) yet again?  Yes.

The biggest fuggedaboudit factor is this: this morning, Keith Olbermann revealed that there is good evidence that two grand juries are investigating various aspects of Russiagate.  Actually the evidence has been public for at least a week, and has been discussed extensively by the denizens of Twitter, but Olbermann was the first I know of to point out that Comey probably confirmed this during his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.  Notice how quickly the anti-healthcare vote came after that.

Another Twitter king, Tea Pain, said that there must be something to all of this because the Russian bots and trolls are suddenly saying nasty shit about Comey.  As the behavior of the Russian trollbots has become a good way to gauge what Russian interests are scared of — and what they’re scared of generally tells us about how the Russiagate investigation is proceeding — it’s a fair bet that there’s something to the story being told on Twitter and by Olbermann.

I can also confirm that the trollbots have been unusually active on Facebook for at least the past week.  It’s not as bad as it was before the election, but the activity level is definitely elevated.

What does this mean?  It means that the anti-healthcare vote by the house, as serious an offense to humanity as it seems to have been, was yet another distraction.

And why would the House (and the Senate) try to distract from Russiagate?  Because a lot of them are involved, and their involvement, if brought to light, would not only end their political careers but possibly put them in prison.

But still the House is partying like it’s 1999.  They just don’t realize that for them, it may well be.  For sure if the Russiagate grand juries (and don’t forget the investigations going on in New York State) bring indictments, Trump may be forced out of office, and everyone’s attention will be focused on that.  But that doesn’t mean that nobody in Congress will get caught in the same net, and this story is so big that it also doesn’t mean that by November 2018, all will be forgotten.

So if you’re a Republican rep and are betting on that, good luck.  I have a feeling the American public is in the process of developing a long-term memory, but in truth, we may not even need one.