Would you want your daughter to marry one?

The California Supreme Court has apparently upheld a law or something that states that gay people can marry each other. This is fine with me. I’m not gay, but I don’t want to marry a guy who is. Know what I mean? Let them marry each other. No harm done; they are happy with their choice and everyone else should be happy as well. Again, it’s fine with me.

It is not, apparently, fine with the right-wing whackjobs who instantly protested the revived law. When you think about it, what are they protesting for? The only conclusion I have is that they are protesting for the right not to be able to think things through. If that’s not it, then the protests make no sense.

For instance, does any right-wing whackjob really want his daughter to marry a gay man? And what God-fearing straight son would marry a lesbo who probably wouldn’t obey and definitely wouldn’t honor him? And what direct harm is done if gay people marry each other? One argument I often hear is that is that “domestic partners” will have access to health insurance. So? Will increased access to health insurance screw up the healthcare system any more than it is already screwed up? Hardly likely, because that is impossible.

So what else is worrying you? Increased crime? Remember, John Wayne Gacy was masquerading as a straight guy. Not that being openly gay would have prevented him from doing what he did — it wouldn’t have — but he may have been caught sooner. The gay men I know are, after all, even less tolerant of murderers and pedophiles than the rest of us. Reason? Because they are so often victims of murderers, pedophiles, and murderous pedophiles.

Okay, so what else is worrying you? It’s gotta be God, and goodness knows all those left-wing crybaby liberals who own all the right-wing talk radio stations won’t let you be politically incorrect, so you can’t say that even though the Bill of Rights says you can, which is why you need Rush Limbaugh to say it for you, let alone the fact that he also has to think it for you, the poor put-upon prescription drug-guzzling dear who is SO plotted against by the mean ultraliberal media….and blah blah blah to bullshit. Which is all any of that actually is, which is why you probably had to read it twice before it made any sense, only to find that it still didn’t.

To all the unstated but completely obvious God hysteria I reply: This is the U.S., darling. We each have our own God. The Bill of Rights says that, too. Mine is a Goddess, in fact. (I threw that in with the knowledge that it would really piss you off.)

Or do you believe that forcing gays to marry straight people will turn them into straight people? Hasn’t happened yet. How about outlawing gayness forcing gays to live lonely, celebate lives? That hasn’t happened, either, any more than Prohibition stopped consumption of alcohol.

These protests are something that, like so much else these days, look perfectly reasonable until you examine them more closely. Right-wing radio relies on this sort of thing, as does Fox News. I just hope people are seeing past it. We know the whackjobs protesting don’t, but I have faith that somewhere out there lurks sanity.

“You may say I’m a dreamer…”, but let’s let gays marry gays. It harms no one.